Are You Secretly a Stripper in Your Soul?

Brian Whitney

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About This Quiz

Being a stripper is not an easy job. Although the money can be ridiculously good if you're lucky enough to work in the right place, one has to do some things that a lot of people simply could not do. It isn't easy getting on a stage in front of hundreds of people and being an exotic dancer. In fact, the only thing that is probably harder than taking it all off in front of a huge crowd would be getting on stage and taking it all off in front of just a couple people. Can you imagine that? Talk about awkward.

Still, though, a lot of people would bump and grind up on the stage if they knew no one would ever find out about it. Being a stripper isn't the easiest thing to explain to your significant other, your boss, or your mom after all. What about you? Sure you're aren't quite the stripper type by day, but if you could secretly be an exotic dancer and no one would ever know about it, would you do it? Take this quiz to find out. Just don't expect any tips when you're done. This is a family website. 

What song would you like to dance to?

Do you own a lot of high heel shoes?

What type of bathing suit do you wear?

When was the last time you wore a mini skirt?

Do you like to dance?

Are you a flirt?

Do you like to make out in public?

Have you ever done it in public?

Where do you get dressed in your bedroom?

When you first start seeing someone, do you worry about them seeing you naked?

What look do you think is hot?

How many one night stands have you had over your life?

Do you think being a stripper is empowering?

Do you keep secrets from your significant others?

What would you do if someone of the opposite sex that you knew saw you in your underwear accidentally?

Would you flirt with a married man?

How does the thought of men throwing money at you while you dance make you feel?

Do you mind being around people that are a little "strange"?

Can you handle being around drunk people?

Are you competitive?

What would your stripper name be?

Did you get in a lot of trouble in high school?

Has your significant other ever said you need to much attention?

What is your favorite reality show?

Would you ever get your boobs done?

How do you change at the gym?

Have your female friends seen you naked?

Do you ever hang out naked when you're home alone?

Do you like to get professional massages?

How many selfies do you take a week on average?

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