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Not all dogs are poodles and Labradors. There are some breeds we're sure you've never heard of, let alone be able to identify. But we like to challenge people here at HowStuffWorks and that's exactly what we're going to do today in this quiz. We want to know if you can name some of the most unfamiliar and rare dog breeds known to mankind. Could you possibly name these breeds from a picture?

There are just certain breeds that we're familiar with. Whether it's because they make great companions like the German shepherd, whether they're famous like the Chihuahua, whether they're cute like the Papillon or whether they're amazing family dogs like the Labrador retriever. We can just recognize these babies on sight because of how well-known they are. But there are more than a few breeds that you may have never heard of; some of them you'd say were probably made up. But if you're a huge dog fan or if you're an expert, you may have seen them around. 

We want to test whether you remember them enough to name them in this quiz. Can you really ace this difficult dog breed quiz?

The Maltipoo, also called Moodle, is a small cross-breed dog which is the result of a Maltese and miniature poodle. These small dogs live up to 15 years and usually weigh between two and ten pounds. Their coat is curly and medium to long and comes in a variety of colors.

The Dachshund, also known as the sausage dog or wiener dog, is a hound-type dog breed known for its short legs and long body. This dog was specially bred to chase, scent and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals such as rabbits, moles and rodents.

The Papillon, also known as the continental toy spaniel, is one of the oldest breeds of the toy spaniel. It is a small dog with a short and thin muzzle, erect or dropped ears with rounded tips. The coat is straight, fine and long and is typically white with patches of color.

The Brittany is a breed of gun dog named after the Brittany region of northwestern France where it was developed. It is a medium-sized dog with an athletic, compact and solid build with average sized head and floppy ears. Brittanys have a median lifespan of 12 to 13 years.

Löwchen, also known as little lion dog, is a small dog which is regarded by the American Kennel Club as a non-sporting dog. Its long and wavy coat is commonly presented in a lion cut; part of the tail, front legs, back legs and haunches is shaved to mimic the appearance of a male lion.

The Newfoundland is a large working dog originally bred for the fishermen of Newfoundland, Canada where it was developed. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, muscular build, strength, and thick double coat which allows them to excel at water rescue/lifesaving.

The Affenpinscher, also called the monkey terrier, is a terrier-like toy pinscher breed of dog of German origin. This breed dates back to the 17th century and was created to be a ratter to remove rodents in kitchens, stables and granaries.

The giant schnauzer is the largest of the three schnauzer breeds which originated in Germany during the 17th century. This dog was initially bred to work on farms to herd livestock to market and guard the farmer's properties and was later moved to the city where it guarded butchers' shops, breweries, stockyards and factories.

The Puli is a small to medium breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog noted for its long, thick, rope-like coat. They are known for their loyal, intelligent, obedient, independent, friendly, playful, tough and headstrong nature.

The shih tzu, also known as the chrysanthemum dog, is a toy dog breed which was developed in China. It is known for its friendly, affectionate and loyal temperament toward children and adults, and may be prone to stubbornness in regards to training.

The keeshond, previously known as the Dutch barge dog, is a medium-sized dog which originated in Holland. It is characterized by its silver and black coat with a lion-like ruff, tightly curled tail, wedge-shaped head, medium-length muzzle and small pointed ears.

The Azawakh, developed in West Africa, is a sighthound livestock guardian and hunting breed of dog. It is a medium-sized dog with a small head, thin, almond-shaped eyes, long neck, short, flat back, long legs and a short, brown coat with white markings on the feet, legs and underbelly.

The Saint Bernard is a huge breed of working dogs from the western Alps, where they were originally bred for rescue. They are identified by their dense, smooth or rough coat which is usually red and white or mahogany brindle and white with black shading on the ears.

The English setter, also Laverack or Llewellin setter, is a medium-sized dog breed of the setter group. It is a gun dog bred for a mix of athleticism and endurance and is known for its gentle yet mischievous and strong-willed nature.

The Havanese is a dog breed of the Bichon type and the national dog of Cuba. It is a small dog with a long, silky coat and is noted for its curious disposition, excitable personality and adaptability to almost any environment.

The Tibetan mastiff is a large Tibetan dog breed which is used by the local tribes of Tibet to protect sheep from wolves, bears, leopards, tigers and large mustelids. It is a powerful and stubborn breed known for its intelligence and guardian instincts.

The mudi is a Hungarian herding dog breed which is bred today for work, sports, show and companionship. It is a very active dog which excels at many dog sports including Frisbee, flyball, dog surfing, dog agility and rally obedience.

The basenji, nicknamed the barkless dog, is a hunting dog breed of Central African origin known for its yodel-like sound due to its abnormally shaped larynx. These basenji-like dogs have a small stature, short coat, erect ears, graceful necks and tightly curled tails.

The Leonberger is a giant mountain dog named after the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany where it originated. It is identified by its thick, water-resistant double coat, striking black mask on its head while the rest of its coat is light and dark brown.

The Chinook is a rare breed of sled dog and the official state dog of New Hampshire, where it was developed. It is a balanced and muscular dog whose coat ranges from light honey to reddish gold with buff markings on the muzzle, cheeks, throat, chest, underside, breeches and toes.

Xoloitzcuintli pronounced as ‘show-low-eats-queen-tlee,' is a name that is a combination of two Aztec words- Itzcuintli the Aztec word for dog and Xolotl meaning ‘god' in Aztec. Though this dog is known as the Mexican hairless dog, there is another variety with a flat coat.

This affectionate dog has features similar to that of a fox; its face bears a close resemblance and its ears are short with pointed ends. These are small hunting dogs, with males standing at 17.5-20 inches and females at 15.5 to 18 inches tall.

This barge dog grows no taller than 13 inches and is often used for hunting purposes. Schipperke has an impressive build, with a thick black coat of fur covering its entire body, giving it a very sturdy form.

This small dog makes a fantastic family pet, due to its playful nature and lively personality. They should not be left alone for extended periods of time though, as these social animals tend to suffer from separation anxiety.

This dog has short legs, a long body and weighs 27-30 pounds while standing at 10 to 12 inches. They come in a variety of colors such as black, tan red and yellowish-brown. Though small in size, they are quite lithe and possess a strong bark.

Otterhound is a hunting dog with an ability to hunt otters efficiently. Its body is well adapted to the task, thanks to its large webbed feet, coarse coat of fur, powerful limbs and sharp nose. Sadly, it is facing extinction and is ‘Britain's most endangered dog.'

Norwich terriers weigh only about 12 pounds and have a shoulder height of just about 10 inches. Their miniature size is no match for spunky, sometimes bossy personalities. They are also adaptable and loving and do make good pets.

The Irish water spaniel is easily noticed by its long, curly dark hair that frames its face and forms a thick coat around its body. This accomplished swimmer is medium to large and has a with a rat-like tail at its end.

The whippet has an athletic build; a long slim body, strong legs and an equally long curved neck. This greyhound look-alike is quick on its feet and is always up for a good run. It does not require much upkeep either and tends to be a low maintenance dog.

Goldadors are very intelligent animals that serve as great service dogs and can aid in search and rescue and even serve as therapy dogs. They are also team players; they mix well into families and are cooperate with other pets in the household.

The Bolognese is a small dog breed of the Bichon type named after the Italian city, Bologna. This toy dog is affectionate and loves attention, and usually forms a strong bond with its owner(s). It has a distinctive white, single coat which falls in loose ringlets over its body.

The pharaoh hound is actually from Malta, and has nothing to do with pyramids. It averages 50 pounds, and most of them will live 11-13 years.

The Japanese Chin, also called the Japanese spaniel, is a lap dog and companion dog known for its crossed eyes. It is best known for its cat-like traits; independence, good sense of balance, preference for resting on high surfaces and using its paws to wash and wipe its face.

The Coton de Tuléar, which originated in Tuléar, Madagascar, is a small-sized dog breed named for its cotton-like coat. It is a non-shedding breed with low dander and medium to long, fluffy white coat which may sometimes have gray, black or tri-colored markings.

The Samoyed, also known as Bjelkier, is a Eurasian dog breed which descended from Siberian hunting and herding dogs. It is identified by its dense, fluffy, double-layer coat which appears white but has a hint of silver coloring and a fluffy tail that curls over the back and to the side.

The Greyhound is a European sighthound which has been specially bred for coursing game and Greyhound racing. It has a lean and athletic build with powerful legs, deep chest and flexible spine which allows it to reach a full speed of 43 mph within 98 feet.

The Plott, also known as Plott hound, is a large scent hound which has been the official state dog of North Carolina since 1989. It has a fine to medium brindle-colored coat with a muscular, athletic and agile appearance which suggests its capacity for speed, endurance and stamina.

The komondor, also called the Hungarian sheepdog, is a large breed of livestock guardian dog nicknamed "mop dogs," due to its distinctive long, thick, corded white coat. This large molosser dog has a robust build, strong muscular legs, short back and a long tail carried with a slight curl.

The Swedish vallhund is an indigenous Swedish dog breed originally bred as a herder and drover of cows. It has a small stature with pointy ears, short legs, a short curved tail and a thick, double-coat which may be gray, grayish-yellow, grayish brown or reddish brown.

The Weimaraner is a large German dog which was bred during the 19th century for hunting large animals. It has an athletic appearance with a docked tail, light amber, gray or blue-gray eyes and a short, smooth coat which ranges in charcoal-blue, mouse-gray, silver-gray and blue-gray.

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