Quiz: Are You Naturally Charming?
Are You Naturally Charming?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Hill Street Studios LLC/ DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

There a lot of things that you can do to try and be charming, but it is one of those things that you just can't force. In fact, people who try to be charming and aren't usually fail in some pretty spectacular ways.  The fact of the matter is, while you can become more charming with time and with effort, for the most part, charm is something that you're born with.

What is charm? It is defined as "the power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others". Basically, if you're charming, people are drawn to you, and they can even become devoted to you. That being the case, it is no wonder that it isn't used for good all the time. While most people who are charming are quite nice, every once in a while someone uses their charm to manipulate others, and that isn't cool!

What about you? Were you born with the silver spoon of charm in your mouth, did you work hard to learn how to be charming or do you have absolutely no idea what we're talking about and you just go through your day hoping no one notices you? Take this quiz to find out how much natural charm you have.

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