Are You More Zsa Zsa Gabor or Elizabeth Taylor?

Emily Maggrett

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Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. There's something we can't resist comparing blondes and brunettes. So in this quiz, we're pitting two 1950s screen sirens against each other: Zsa Zsa Gabor and Elizabeth Taylor.

Clever blonde Zsa Zsa Gabor was known for her marriages as much as her screen roles. She escaped Nazi Europe to become an incredibly powerful socialite who graced the silver screen while dating the likes of Conrad Hilton, Henry Kissinger and Sean Connery. Her ex-husband, George Sanders, once described her as "the last of the great courtesans."

Elizabeth Taylor also left Europe for America during World War II, becoming famous as a child for her break-out role in "National Velvet." As an adult, she starred in more serious films, directed by the likes of Joseph Mankiewicz, Mike Nichols and George Stevens. Her personal life also drew the attention of the public, with plenty of ink spilled about her affairs with Eddie Fisher and acclaimed actor Richard Burton, who once said, "That girl has true glamour. If I retired tomorrow, I'd be forgotten in five years, but she would go on forever."

So what about you? Are you a "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" or are you the "Queen of Outer Space"? Take this quiz and get our verdict!

What's your hair color?

Would you rather be a socialite/bombshell or an serious actress/bombshell?

Were you born in Britain or Hungary?

What are some of your most famous films?

Have you ever won an Oscar, or was your acting uncharitably described as "creditable" by John Huston?

How many husbands have you had?

Are you more famous for being insanely charming or for having purple eyes?

Which of these quotes do you relate to the most?

Do you have any equally famous sisters?

Have you ever been crowned Miss Hungary?

Has Andy Warhol ever done a portrait of you?

Would you rather be made a dame by Queen Elizabeth or marry a guy who may or may not be defunct German royalty?

Were the tabloids obsessed with your many relationships, or with just one of your affairs that was incredibly scandalous?

Would you rather star in historical epics or B-movies?

Were you married to Conrad Hilton or his son, Conrad Hilton Jr.?

Would you rather feud with Debbie Reynolds or Elke Sommer?

Are you obsessed with diamonds?

Are you more hilarious or passionate?

Which one of these actors would you like to have as a leading man?

Did you convert to Judaism later in life or you were born with Jewish ancestry?

Who was your weirdest friend?

Did a robber ever enter your home, tie up you and your housekeeper, threaten to kill your baby and then steal $750,000 in jewels?

Have you ever been married to a senator or a famous Turkish left-wing intellectual?

Which of these quotes do you like best?

Did you ever adopt 10 adult men in exchange for high fees so that they could become descendants by adoption of Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt?

Are you beloved for being one of the first celebrities to become an activist for HIV/AIDS research?

Have you ever slapped a policeman?

Would you rather go to jail or do community service?

Later in life, did you constantly show up on TV shows like "Pee-wee's Playhouse," "The Facts of Life" and "Gilligan's Island," or did you market two incredibly successful perfumes instead?

Which endearment do you use most often?

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