Answer These Random Questions And We'll Guess How Romantic You Are!

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By definition, the word romance means "a feeling of excitement and/or mystery that is associated with love." People have been going on and on about this word for centuries, and there's a reason for it. It's because romance is something that a lot of women (and men) have grown to need in their relationships. Gone are the days when one could just pound their chest in a show of strength and end up in a relationship that could last for decades. Today, most of us require romance before we even get to the relationship stage. That's not to say that some women don't still go for the caveman type ... they just prefer that he has roses taped to his stone club.

But in a world of diversity, not everyone is the same. It is something we can be thankful for because what a boring life it would be if we all did, wore and ate the same things. And it's no different when it comes to romance. Some women need to give and receive it more than others. But what about you in particular? Are you part of the 93%? Or are you more or less romantic than the majority?

Answer our questions about love, courtship and relationships and we'll tell you where you fall. 

Let's turn the romance on. How much do you need it?

Are you into romance novels?

Speaking of novels, which fairytale couple were you inspired by as a kid?

Do you think everyone has a soulmate?

What about happily ever afters?

Has anyone ever broken your heart?

Which of these situations would hurt you the most?

What would you not tolerate from your significant other?

Is chivalry dead?

Would you ever tattoo your partner's name on you?

Has anyone ever told you that you're lovesick?

Do you love love?

Now, tell us all about what your relationships and what you need. Are you in one right now?

Which of these is your idea of a perfect first date venue?

How do you think you'll dress?

Which of these special surprises would you want your date to have planned for you?

Which word should describe the way you feel after your first kiss?

What would you like to have planned for your birthday?

What pet name would you not mind being given?

Can you finish the sentence? Cuddling is...

Let's get a bit more intimate. Are you a big fan of foreplay?

Are you into PDA?

How long should it last?

And are you into gentle lovemaking?

Which word should best describe your lover?

Is your wedding day all planned out?

Have you found the dress yet?

What song will you guys dance to?

What will you guys ride away in?

Where do you want to go for the honeymoon?

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