Are You More NSYNC, One Direction or BTS?

Ian Fortey

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Boy bands have a pretty long history that tons of people want to overlook. For real, what is a boy band anyway? Just a band of young guys? That's like every band ever. There used to be old school a cappella groups, and folk bands, and rock bands that were all young kind of hot guys for years now. It was only in the '80s anyone wanted to start calling them "boy bands" specifically and that was mostly directed at New Kids on the Block. That was the band everyone's mom loved in 1989.

If a group of boys makes good music then they're going to be popular and that just makes sense. But the thing is there are sooooo many of them now, how do you pick "the best" one? Can you? Maybe you don't need to pick. Maybe we can pick for you! Not necessarily your favorite band, but the ban that pretty much is you. You know what we mean. When a band is your head. In your heart! A band that sings right to you. That's the band we're talking about. Think we know who it was? Well, pop in your earbuds and take the quiz!

Let's get to know you a little bit. Which of these Disney movies most reminds you of your childhood?

Which *other* boy band do you stan?

Are you the kind of person who just listens to music or do you sing along?

OK, so let's say you are motivated to sing a little bit. Where are you singing?

When a new phone comes out do you want it immediately or are you good with your old phone?

Some people have one best friend and some have a few best friends. What about you?

So what's your all-time favorite girl band?

If you were going to rock out on a musical instrument, what would it be?

How would you handle being on stage in front of literally thousands and thousands of screaming fans?

Tell us about your dance moves. You have moves, right?

It's early afternoon and you're starving! Where are you going to go for a quick bite?

Pretty much no one uses physical media anymore, but which one of these older ways to listen to music was the weirdest?

Say you're at a big, outdoor concert like Coachella and your band finally takes the stage. What are you going to be doing?

Do you follow anyone on social media just because they're also a giant fan of your favorite band?

Speaking of social media, would you live stream a concert if you were there or just take the time to watch it?

Is there one band member in particular who's just better than all the others?

You know how people mishear lyrics all the time? Do you ever look the lyrics up or just go with what you think you hear?

This one may hurt a little. Does your favorite band have any songs that you just don't like?

Are you staying up to watch SNL if your band is the musical guest?

When you were younger did you have posters of your favorite band on your bedroom wall?

When you're just hanging out with your friends, what kind of person are you for the most part?

If half the world gets Thanos-Snapped out of existence, what are you doing the next day?

How many pics do you have saved on your phone right now?

If you're watching a movie with some friends and everyone wants horror, what kind of horror movie are you checking out?

Are you any good at getting work done when you're in a group?

Music is just one way you can express yourself artistically. What else lets you be creative?

Everyone likes a party but a party isn't *just* a party. What's the best party?

What happens if you and your bestie really get into a fight over something?

What do you think about long-distance relationships?

When you lose your temper how likely are you to bust out some salty language?

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