Are You More Honda or Yamaha?

Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Honda and Yamaha are the two great brands of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers (as well as cars, keyboards, and a variety of other things). Hailing from a culture that values precision, cutting-edge technology, and a whole lot of bright colors, these two brands do have a great deal in common. They are both household names all over the world thanks to their excellent engineering, good fuel efficiency, and the beautiful purr their engines make when you get them out on the open road and really see what they can do.

That said, there are important differences in how these two mighty brands market themselves and in who tends to be drawn to buying their motorcycles. Yamaha is more forward-looking, edgier, and controversial. Honda's bikes are a little more in the style of Honda's cars: sensible, efficient, and reliable. To the extent that it is possible for a motorcycle to be reserved, they are. They might not take your breath away, but they'll get you from A to B and, crucially for a notoriously dangerous form of transport, they won't kill you getting there! Yamaha is a higher-performance machine with a little more pizzazz, that demands more attention on the road.

Tell us about yourself and we'll see which of these fine brands was made for you!

Would you like to own a Harley Davidson?

Which motorcycle style do you prefer?

Are you more right-brained or left-brained?

What is most important to you in a bike?

How do you feel about Kawasaki bikes?

What's the best part of riding a motorcycle?

Would you enjoy riding a scooter?

How long does your commute take?

Do you prefer a powerful engine or a great design?

Who would do your bike maintenance?

Would you have a custom paint job put on your motorcycle?

Where would you store a bike?

How would you describe your driving style?

Who are you most likely to take for a ride?

Would you join a motorcycle club?

Which kind of helmet do you prefer?

How important is maintenance cost to you?

Which movie do you like most?

What kind of riding gear do you think is essential?

Would you ever buy a Suzuki bike?

What country do you think makes the best motorcycles?

How long have you had a motorcycle license?

What car brand do you like most?

What is the primary way you would use a motorcycle?

Which street-bike do you think looks coolest?

Would you like to ride with Norman Reedus?

Where did you learn to drive a motorcycle?

Do you ever get road rage?

Which kind of driving conditions are most intimidating for a cyclist?

How often would you take your bike off-road?

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