Are You More Harley or Indian?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

Whether you've been riding for decades or you're a total newbie, we think your taste in gear and opinions on motorcycle culture are sure to give your preference away.

Where do you do most of your riding?

What are your thoughts on the new Indian motorcycles?

Do you belong to a biker gang?

Which color scheme would you rather see on your bike?

Have you ever gone on a cross-country trip on your bike?

How long have you been loyal to your brand?

Which imagery would you most like to have on the back of your jacket?

Which is closest to your theme song for riding?

Which state would you rather ride in?

What's the fastest you've ever gone on your bike?

Which style of motorcycle fits you the best?

How loud is your bike?

Are you bad to the bone or more of a kind and gentle soul?

Have you read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"?

Which character in "Easy Rider" would you be?

Do you like the show "American Chopper"?

Which character in "Sons of Anarchy" are you?

Do you wear leather for safety or to look cool?

Do you perform stunts on your bike?

Have you ever been run off the road on your bike?

What's the worst accident you've been in?

When was the last time you lost your cool out on the road?

Have you ever split the lanes and driven fast through the middle of heavy traffic?

Would you rather ride your bike or pose with it?

Is the V-Rod a real Harley?

Have you made any DIY custom alterations to your bike?

How many miles have you logged on a bike in your life?

How bad does it have to be raining for you to pull over?

How long have you been riding?

Does your family think riding a bike is too dangerous and do they wish you'd give it up?

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