Are You More Fox, Wolf or Dog?

Talin Vartanian

Image: Pixabay by Ractapopulous

About This Quiz

Which type of animal suits your personality best? Would it be a dog, fox, wolf, or a completely different animal? All you have to do is answer the 30 questions in this quiz about your personality and lifestyle to find out! It's time to find out which type of animal you are right now! Humans and animals may seem different, but we are actually similar in many ways. Many animals and humans share distinct personality traits, such as being calm, moody, lazy or hard-working. 

Some animals are also shy around humans, while others love the attention! This would also be equivalent to how some people are shy or outgoing around others. Shyness can be due to social anxiety or simply being afraid to open up to someone too soon. 

Like humans, animals can also feel happiness, anger, sadness and a variety of other emotions. Many animals are also very smart, with elephants, dolphins and octopuses as some of the most intelligent animals in the world! No matter which type of personality you have, we've got an animal to match it! If you're ready to find out which type of animal you are, it's time to take this quiz right now!

Which two words best describe your personality?

Which of the following would you want to do on a lazy Sunday?

How enthusiastic are you about life?

Do you have a lot of confidence in yourself?

You show affection to friends and family by...?

Which do you prefer: Going outside or being indoors?

What do people like about you?

Can you easily spot a liar?

Your favorite time of the day is...?

How would you break off a friendship with someone?

Are you an athletic person?

How would you ace a job interview?

Do you admit when you're wrong about something?

Your favorite type of sound is...?

How quick are you with making decisions?

Pick an adventurous food to sample!

Can you persuade others easily?

Are you always right in an argument?

How do you like your coffee?

Do you ever get jealous?

You handle stress by...?

Are you more of a superhero or a supervillain?

Which of the seven deadly sins do you embody the most?

Your best physical feature is your...?

Do you think you're a good cook?

Your one wish in life is to...?

Do you tend to show your sensitive side to others?

Are you more of a positive or a negative thinker?

Are you more of a calm or a moody person?

The best present someone can give you is...?

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