Are You More Country or Rock 'n' Roll?

Steven Miller

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Is your scene more light shows and electric guitars, or do you prefer steel guitars and heartbreak? Let's take a look at your musical and life preferences to see if you're more of a rocker or a Nashville kind of person.

How intense is your personality?

Is there a twang in your voice?

How into light shows at a concert are you?

Would you say you tend to be more angry or sad about life's difficulties?

Do you prefer electric or acoustic guitars?

At what pace do you tend to move through the world?

How do you feel about country artists who have moved in a more popular direction?

How do you feel about hard rock?

How into other kinds of music besides country are you?

How into other kinds of music besides rock are you?

How likely are you to wear a cowboy hat?

What is your reaction to a long guitar solo?

How do you feel about the sound of a pedal steel guitar?

How important do you think an amazing drummer is for a band?

How loud do you like your music?

Which theme is most appealing in song lyrics to you?

Where are you most likely to go to see live music?

How drawn to glitz and glamor are you?

How much do you like popular music?

How likely are you to drive a truck?

How likely are you to attend a NASCAR event?

How important are good morals in your music?

Where are you going after the show?

Which vehicle sounds the most appealing to you?

How healthy is your lifestyle?

Who are you going to a concert with?

How often do songs from 20-plus years ago get played on your favorite radio station?

How spiritual would you say you are?

What time do you wake up most days?

How rebellious are you?

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