Are You More Capitalist or Socialist?

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Founded by Adam Smith, capitalism touts a free market that caters to individual self-interest. On the other hand, socialism places the focus on the greater good. Today's world is full of moral conundrums that could have us doubting which economic belief system we value and practice the most. Once you finish this quiz, you'll know where you really stand. 

While both systems sing the praises of the benefits of free speech and the right to assemble, one favors the market more than it favors a fair system that benefits all. Based a supply and demand, capitalism is said to reduce waste by allowing consumers the choice of goods and services. Socialism believes that the capitalist system neglects the needs of members of society and focuses more on wealth. As you go through these questions, your every opinion will be counted so that we can figure out where your belief system really lies. 

There's no right way or wrong way to respond, and we encourage freedom of thought and expression. When you read the moral and political problems we present, take a moment to connect with your truest thoughts before you respond. After you've told us what you think, we'll tell you if you are a capitalist or a socialist at heart. You might think you already know, but do you?

Which of these current governmental agencies do you think needs the biggest overhaul?

Which one of these countries do you think the United States should want to be their biggest ally?

Karl Marx argued that religion and morality are tied to economics. Do you agree?

Pretend you are running for office. Which issue will be your biggest talking point?

A local organization is planning to build a rehab center in your neighborhood. Are you for or against it?

Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that capitalism was poorly equipped for dealing with injustice. Do you share that belief?

Would you vote for a measure to raise the minimum wage to $22 per hour?

The father of capitalism, Adam Smith, said, "Every man lives by exchanging." What do you think it means?

You are arguing your point before the legislature. Are you for or against tougher gun control laws?

Focus on education for a moment. Do you believe teachers need to be paid more?

Would you rather pay a little more for something from a privately owned store or head to a big box store?

Health care is a hot button during election season. Do you believe it's a basic human right?

It's said that a benefit of capitalism is consumer choice. Why do you think it's a benefit?

What is your stance on drug testing those who need state-assisted benefits?

Let's pretend you are the governor of a state and you need to make cuts. Where would you start?

If the president planned to increase military spending by 30%, would you approve or disapprove?

Capitalism thrives on wage labor. Socialism says it's exploitative. What are your thoughts on the subject?

In your opinion, what could be done to ease the situation at the border?

Many politicians have suggested removing the minimum wage entirely. Should we?

Your department got a huge bonus. Should it be split equally?

If the voting age were changed to age 21, would you have a problem with that?

The First Amendment protects the right to peacefully assemble. What might we find you protesting?

If you found $15,000, would you keep it for yourself, invest it or share it with someone?

Student loan debt gets a lot of students into financial trouble. Should education be free?

Some believe that corporations are people. Do you?

British politician Jeremy Corbyn would love to have a nuclear-free world. Do you share his point of view?

Your boss is doing away with the office pay structure and paying everyone equally instead. You'll lose a few dollars. How do you react?

Prisons are overcrowded. What can we do to reduce the rate of recidivism?

You can be honest. Which rating would you give of the current president's job performance?

Do you think that Stalin or Hitler had the worst political ideas?

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