Are You More Angel or Devil?

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About This Quiz

Old-timey cartoons did an amazing job teaching kids about moral conflicts when they included scenes of a character who had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.  The idea was that all of us struggle with internal conflict. In any situation we could do the thing we know is right and good, or we could be a little darker, and maybe do something selfish, mean or vindictive. In the cartoons, it was a struggle between listening to your tiny angel self or tiny devil self. Which one made the better argument? You'd always hope the angel made the better case but every so often that devil really knew how to have a good time.

In real life, we don't get cartoons. We just have our conscience. We usually know what we should do, but sometimes that's not good enough. Sometimes the devilish option just seems better or more fun. Sometimes we're right! We bet we can guess which side of the spectrum you fall on if you answer a few questions for us. Are you a little angel? Or do you let the devil creep in more often than not? Take the quiz and let's find out!

A movie you've been waiting to see forever premieres tonight at midnight. You have tickets, but you'll probably have to call in sick to work tomorrow if you go. Are you going?

Your best friend's sibling just came back from being away for years and they look super hot. Are you getting flirty?

Lunchtime finally rolls around and you realize you left your lunch at home! But there's lots of food in the fridge at work. Are you helping yourself?

You're driving down the highway and traffic is really rushing along. Are you going to keep up with the fast lane even if it means speeding?

The guy walking in front of you just dropped $20 on the ground and didn't notice. No one else is around. Now what?

Your friend is dating someone new who they think is amazing. You meet them and they seem kind of terrible. Do you say anything?

Your boss has been giving you a hard time for weeks for no reason then needs you to come in on your day off. What now?

If you and your significant other were binge-watching a show together and they had to go to work just before you watched the very last episode, would you watch it alone?

It's the day of your wedding and your future spouse is waiting for you but you are having second thoughts. Now what?

A friend gives you $5 to buy them a couple of scratch tickets when you go to the store. On one of the tickets, they win $10,000. Do you have a right to any of that?

There's only one piece of pizza left between you and three friends. How do you decide who gets it?

What's the best kind of monster in horror movies?

If you have to go on a long road trip and a friend comes along for the ride, should they pay for gas?

How would you handle catching your significant other cheating on you?

Someone you like just set you up to make the perfect innuendo-laden joke and they don't even realize it. What do you do?

Ever looked at your phone, saw it was a relative calling, and just ignored it because you don't want to talk to them?

You're at a friend's house for dinner and their mom made something you absolutely hate. How do you react?

Have you ever hooked up with someone you weren't really attracted to because you knew you could?

How often do you tell lies? Please don't lie in your response.

Have you ever told someone else that you're exercising more than you actually are?

Have you ever ghosted on someone?

Have you ever sent a picture in a text message you wouldn't want your parents to see?

Say you're in a parking lot and you accidentally back into another car. There's a dent but it's super small and no one saw. Do you leave a note?

Ever had a one night stand?

Temptation is just so tempting. Ever just binged on some junk food?

Is it wrong to date more than one person at once if you haven't committed to any one person?

Would you ever complain to a company about their product just to get free stuff?

Ever dropped something on the floor and then eaten it anyway?

Have you ever pretend to not be home when someone came to your door that you didn't want to see?

Are you pretty sure you're a good person?

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