Are You Destined to Be a Crazy Cat Lady?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Cats are certainly beautiful creatures, and many of us are happy to share our home with one or even several. However, the crazy cat lady is a specific phenomenon, using her many cats to substitute for the presence of pretty much anything else in her life. Is that what the future holds for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you love cats?

Do you know the “I love cats” lady from the internet?

Can you sing the auto-tuned version of her video?

How many cats is too many?

Do you like people?

Are you allergic to cats?

Do you mind changing litter?

Do you mind giving possibly unreciprocated love?

Do you understand your cat fairly well?

Do you know how to stop a cat going into your neighbors’ yard?

Do you like dogs too?

Do you talk to yourself in public?

Do you get lonely?

How much time do you like to be around other people?

Do you think about the future?

Would you rather be in a bad relationship than no relationship?

Do you mind your apartment smelling funny?

Do you like your neighbors?

Do you know that you should insure your cats?

Do you know what to do if your cat gets sick?

Are you grossed out by hairballs?

Do you like to vacuum a lot?

Do you mind having hair on everything you own?

Do you flake on your friends a lot?

Do you plan to leave all your money to your cat?

Do you like to travel a lot?

Do you have kids?

Do you fear toxoplasmosis?

Are you a neat freak?

Do you mind being a servant in your own home?

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