Are You Cut Out to Be an FBI Agent?

Mark Lichtenstein

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The FBI is not your local sheriff's office. Until the 1980s, if you wanted to be an FBI agent, you had to be a lawyer. Not only does the FBI have high standards, once you meet those standards you have to make it through training at Quantico. The FBI is for the super smart and crazy brave. Would you make the cut?

Do you have a strong stomach?

Are your wits sharp?

Are you at seeing patterns?

Do you have an advanced degree?

What is your job history?

Are you physically fit?

How is your vision?

Do you keep calm under pressure?

Did you serve in the military?

Have you worked in law enforcement?

Are you a lawyer?

If you were a lawyer, which are of the law would you specialize in?

Are you interested in white collar crime?

Are you interested in cults?

Are you interested in serial killers?

Do you mind being stationed in some boring office in the middle of nowhere?

Do you like wearing a suit?

Do you mind sitting on your butt all day?

Do you mind traveling to boring places to follow leads?

Do you want to be safe?

Do you want to travel abroad?

Do you plan on having kids?

Do you want to ascend the ranks?

Which of these movies do you like the best?

Which TV show best epitomizes your view of the FBI?

If you were to pursue a job in the private sector instead of working for the FBI, what would that be?

Which weapon best suits you?

Which crisis would you best be suited for?

Does paperwork bore you?

How are your math skills?

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