Are You Coupon-Clipping Crazy?

Steven Miller

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Coupons can be a great way to cut down on your grocery expenses, but it's just possible that you might be taking things a bit far. Take this quiz to find out if you've gone coupon-clipping crazy.

How often do you plan your shopping around the use of coupons?

How often do you plan part of your day around coupons?

Have you ever experienced a weird or paralyzed feeling when shopping without coupons?

Instead of a grocery list, do you make a coupon list?

Do you save coupons even after they expire?

Do you organize your coupons in a special binder?

Are your coupons organized in plastic sleeves in your binder?

Is your binder categorized by store or by aisle?

Have you asked others to use their coupons if you think they might not use them?

Do you subscribe to multiple copies of a newspaper to get multiple coupons?

When was the last time you shopped without looking for a coupon?

Have you ever had a dream about great coupons?

Does your heart rate increase when you hear about a new coupon deal?

Do you have special coupon scissors?

Do you have a specific way you cut out coupons?

Do coupons make you happy?

Which makes you more happy, coupons or receiving roses?

Which makes you more happy, coupons or chocolate?

Do you feel like you're having a productive day when you're using your coupons?

When people ask your occupation, are you ever tempted to say, "I coupon"?

Do you ever feel that people who don't coupon can't really understand you?

Have you ever talked a family member into a gift because you had a coupon for it?

Do you carve out time in your day for a coupon ritual?

How much do you like the word, "coupon?"

How much of your free time is spent on coupons?

Do you find yourself shopping at every store every week?

Has your stockpile of items moved outside the pantry to the garage or other rooms?

Do you subscribe to a coupon website?

Are you part of a social media group dedicated to coupons?

Have you ever turned down social engagements because you had coupon plans?

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