Are You Chevy, Ford, or Dodge?

Brian Whitney

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About This Quiz

Is there anything more loyal than an American truck owner? You'd have better luck convincing a New York Yankee fan to root for the Boston Red Sox than you would be trying to convince a Ford truck owner to buy one made by Chevy. You also would probably be more successful convincing someone from Texas that hockey is a better sport than football than you would be convincing a Dodge owner that they didn't own the best truck on the market.  All of these trucks are tough and all have their own fans. 

Which of these legendary truck manufacturers are you? All of them can get the job done, but they all do it in slightly different ways. Are you the type that is totally old school, that tends to like tradition and an honest day's work for an honest day's pay? Or are you the type that has a bit of a new school vibe, and is interested in working smart and not hard? Or do you believe that sometimes the only thing that can really solve anything is brute force?  Is your personality more like Chevy, Ford or Dodge? We give you the green light to start this quiz now.

When was the last time you worked all day outside in the hot sun?

What type of convention do you think it would be most fun to go to?

Where do you stand politically on most situations?

Could you handle working inside all day at an office job?

Your town is under attack by zombies! How long will you survive?

Which blue collar comedian do you like the most?

Which television show would you most like to watch on a boring night at home?

Would you describe yourself as someone that is "Old School"?

Do you look ridiculously good wearing a cowboy hat?

What kind of movie would you watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

How fast do you drive on the highway when you're late for something?

Where would you most like to go on a short vacation?

Do your friends think you're totally cool?

How often do you help friends of yours move?

Do you believe in a lot of conspiracies?

Your son is having trouble in school, what do you do?

While walking through the woods you come across a bear. What do you do?

How much do you have a Chuck Norris vibe?

Have you ever thought of enlisting in the military?

If you had to move to another country, which one of these would it be?

What is your current relationship status?

How cool would you look driving your dream truck?

What sport would you most like to watch when you're all by yourself?

What would you feel most comfortable doing on stage?

How often do you get totally mad while driving?

Jobs are hard. How often have you been fired over your life?

What is your favorite type of facial hair?

Do you spend a lot of time working out?

What kind of drive makes you feel happy?

How much do you enjoy camping out under the stars?

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