Quiz: Are You Brainy Enough to Pass This Vocabulary Quiz?
Are You Brainy Enough to Pass This Vocabulary Quiz?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: RyanJLane / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Vocabulary quizzes are always fun! We invite you to define your amusement level with this quiz. Confirm your knowledge of terminology that folks rarely get to wrap their mouths around. Here's your chance to brush up on high school vocab that most brainiacs adore. Are you a proud "cerebral" type? If so, this quiz should be a "zephyr."

Perpetual students of the vocab life are also welcome to give this test their best shot. We mainly tackle adjectives, synonyms and nouns to at least keep the word forms simple. But beyond that, it's all uphill from there! So here are a few pointers to see you through, even if you boast an expansive vocabulary. Even a vague memory of these words will get you very far. Deconstruct unrecognizable words into simpler root words and affixes, like prefixes, as best as you can. The smaller words are the trickiest since they sound and look a lot like more conventional terms used daily; do a double-take on these to elude the pitfalls, and you're good to go!

Now, go scroll on and see which words stand to trip you up and which ones will take up residence in your noggin from now on! 

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