Quiz: Are You Being Taken for Granted in Your Relationship?
Are You Being Taken for Granted in Your Relationship?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Love is something we all aspire to find, but true love isn't the only thing a relationship needs. Once one partner starts assuming that the other one will always be with them and put up with their crap no matter how they behave, that relationship is on the road to ruin. Sure, it may stagger along for many years after that point of no return, but it's a zombie love that isn't really fulfilling for either partner. However, even loving couples can find it easy to fall into such a pattern, and it's certainly possible to come out of it when it occurs - if the will is there and the baseline of respect is maintained.

A truly loving relationship is one between equals, who know how lucky they are to have their boo in their life and make an effort to show it. They might have times of illness or employment trouble where they need to lean harder on their partner, but they don't just take for granted that they have the right to such things. Instead, they say, "Thank you" and do whatever is in their power to prove that they really do intend to always put the "significant" in "significant other." So tell us about how your boo is with you, and we'll see whether they're taking advantage, or whether you've really struck relationship gold!

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How often does your partner thank you?

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Do you ever feel kind of invisible to them?

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If you want them to perform a small task like tidy the kitchen or take out the trash, how many times do you have to ask?

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Have they ever told you that you are: overreacting, hysterical, shrill, unreasonable, or being ridiculous?

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Have they ever picked you up from the airport?

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Do they ever talk about future plans you haven't actually agreed on, like kids or moving someplace?

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Do they expect you to spend more time with their friends or family than they do with yours?

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If you have kids or a dog, who does most of the caring for them?

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Which of you handles most of the greasing life's wheels, like sending cards and thank you notes, or organizing repairs to your house?

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If you're just feeling blah, but haven't mustered the wherewithal to say something, what are the odds that they would notice anyway?

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