Quiz: Are You Attractive?
Are You Attractive?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Getty Images / Image Source / Rehulian Yevhen

About This Quiz

We live in a shallow and silly society that is often focused on the wrong things. It prizes youth and unobtainable body proportions. What's especially ridiculous is that the rules of what's considered to be "hot" change constantly. One year it's considered awesome to have a big round derriere, and then a couple of seasons later the beanpole look is back in! Past paintings show that beauty standards constantly morph, and nobody could possibly satisfy every historical notion of the body du jour.

Fortunately, being attractive is so much more than simply being conventionally beautiful. Sure, it can help, but attraction is about lots of things as well as looks. It's about carrying yourself with confidence, making people laugh, showing kindness and respect to others and being a good person. It's not just that these things then shine through in the way you look, though sometimes they do. It's also that attraction based solely on looks doesn't even guarantee sexual chemistry, and it certainly doesn't guarantee reciprocity!

The alchemy of attraction is thus a very finicky and complicated thing - but fear not, as we have plenty of ways to figure out your exact attractive quotient, and better yet, its precise nature. Let's get cracking!

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What's your "batting average" when you ask people out?

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Can you ever give yourself a compliment without feeling like a fraud?

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What is the most important characteristic in a partner?

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What's most important in someone with whom you just want to spend one night?

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Do you know how to dress for your body type?

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How do you respond if you hear a negative comment about your looks?

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Do you ever put yourself down in front of others?

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Do you care about the suffering of people you don't know?

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What makes a house, a home for you?

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