Are You an Electron, Proton, or Neutron?

Mark Lichtenstein

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We are all made of the same subatomic particles, but it seems sometimes that one or the other of these fundamental building blocks of the universe appeal to us more than others. Which one are you?

What did people write in your high school yearbook?

What were you voted "most likely to" in high school?

How's your temper?

Do you want some pie?

Do you want some π?

Are the big man on campus?

Are you quick?

How optimistic are you?

How indecisive are you?

How changeable are you?

Do you play well with others like you?

What happens when you're in a big group of other folks like you?

How much do you stand out?

How easily do you adapt to change?

TV, film, or live theater?

What is your favorite TV show?

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite live theater show?

What genre of music is your favorite?

What is your summer style?

How do you prefer to dress in the winter?

Do you bother distinguishing between your transitional season wardrobes and summer/winter ones?

What's your ideal vacation destination?

Are you the type who likes to commit to another person?

Who is your personal hero?

How stubborn are you?

How energetic are you?

Could you tear a hole in the fabric of the universe?

How well are you understood?

How much do you know about science?

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