Quiz: Are You an Auto Trivia Expert? Let's See How Much You Really Know!
Are You an Auto Trivia Expert? Let's See How Much You Really Know!
By: Steven Symes
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About This Quiz

Can you quote car facts off the top of your head? Are you like a giant, walking automotive encyclopedia? Do people ask you about when things happened, or what car companies have done different things in the past? Not everyone has a steel-trap memory, so if you do, you're one of the lucky few.

The automotive industry has been around since the 1800s, so the history is long and rich. Consider that cars have shaped everything from how our cities have been designed to how we shop for groceries. The automobile has impacted society in so many ways, and society has impacted the design of cars.

Automakers have come and gone, as have many different models. Technological breakthroughs, artistic designs, fads, and so many other changes have also risen and fallen. Even today, a whole range of forces from the push for self-driving cars to electrification are either going to be remembered as momentous impacts, or footnotes in automotive history.

Just how much do you know about cars past and present? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz right now!

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What kind of car was K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider?
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What was the first pony car ever made?
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Which automaker owns the Infiniti brand?
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What were the DeLorean DMC-12 body panels made of?
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What is the Chevy badge called?
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What car racked up more than one million sales in 1965?
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What was the first model year of the Corvette?
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Who designed the Volkswagen Beetle?
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What was the first year the Lexus brand hit the market?
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Which of the following is an automaker that's not part of the Volkswagen group?
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What city is Cadillac based out of today?
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What car brand was the first to come with a factory CD player?
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Who invented the 3-point car seat belt?
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What is the nickname many use for Ford?
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What was the first Porsche-branded car?
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Which automaker is the first known to use a Hemi engine?
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What cities were at either end of the old Lincoln Highway?
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What state is Tesla based out of?
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Which automaker invented heated seats?
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Which automaker owns MOPAR?
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What was the first muscle car ever made?
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What other vehicle inspired the creation of the Land Rover Defender?
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What was the first Japanese car made in the United States?
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Where did hot rodders learn that nitrous oxide would provide a temporary performance boost for an engine?
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When did the Porsche 911 switch from air to water-cooled?
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What did Nissan call the first Z car in the Japanese market?
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Who invented the first car?
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What part of Morgans are made of ash?
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Where was the first drive-in theater?
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What was the name of the first car radio?
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Which of the following wasn't a name used for Route 66?
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What did Tucker want to change in the auto industry?
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