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Do you have the craving for a vehicle that can pull a trailer loaded full of bucking broncos? Do you need something that you can dramatically dump landscaping pavers or a load of dirt into? Do you want everyone to ask you to help them move? Maybe you're an expert on the phenomena known as American trucks.

Pickup trucks are about as American as apple pie and baseball... only baseball is popular in the Caribbean and Nicaragua. Anyway, we Americans love our trucks, something that mystifies some foreigners, and amazes others. Throughout time, our trucks have become bigger, stronger, and more luxurious. On that last point, it wasn't too long ago that people laughed at the idea of a luxurious truck - just look at the reception for the Lincoln Mark LT. Yes, it was a poor rebadging job of the F-150, but at the same time Cadillac was selling a poor rebadged job of the Chevy Avalanche and nobody seemed to care.

Just how much do you know about these monstrous beasts? There's a rich history and plenty of information. Test your knowledge by taking the quiz now!

What first did the Dodge Little Red Wagon claim?

The Dodge Little Red Wagon was a highly modified A100 with a 426 Hemi V-8 engine and TorqueFlite automatic transmission. It made quite the splash in the drag racing world in the 1960s.


What truck is the Raptor based on?

Ford made extensive modifications to the F-150 when creating the first and second generations of the Raptor. Among the the changes is a more powerful engine, wider wheel track, and skid plates from front to back.


What characteristic about the Honda Ridgeline tailgate is unique?

Because it's was designed, engineered, and made in the United States and is only sold in the North American market, the Ridgeline is most definitely an American truck. That being said, the fact it has a unibody construction makes it odd, to say the least.


What truck was the Syclone based on?

For the 1991 model year, GMC decided to make a hot version of the Sonoma, which was the quickest pickup truck in the world at the time. A 4.3-liter biturbo V-6 was dropped into the truck, with just under 3,000 made during that single model year.


Who is the diesel engine supplier for Nissan Titan XDs?

If you want a Titan XD with diesel power, the Cummins 5.0-liter V-8 turbo diesel is a great option. It boasts 310 horsepower and a monstrous 555 lb.-ft. of torque that's great for hauling and towing whatever.


The modern Power Wagon is based on what truck?

If you want to spend more time in the dirt than on roads, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a solid option to look at. Among the standard equipment is a front bumper with a Warn winch integrated into it, electronic sway bar disconnect, and front/rear selectable lockers.


Why do automakers offer Texas-only editions of their trucks?

It's true that in Texas, people love their pickup trucks. In fact, about one out of every five pickups sold in the United States are purchased in the Lone Star State, where their rugged looks and nature are highly appreciated.


Who was the creator of the Bigfoot monster truck?

Most people credit Chandler with creating the monster truck industry when Bigfoot debuted in 1979. People had never seen such a vehicle, and it quickly became a thing of legend that spread far and wide.


What was the final model year of the Ford Ranger in North America?

The Ford Ranger had a solid fan base, but Ford thought it wasn't worth making in the United States or selling here after 2011. The truck continued on in other markets, but is supposed to return to the North American market in 2019.


What is the model code for the Jeep Comanche?

Jeep based the Comanche on the same platform as the Cherokee, which could explain the similar model names. It was available from 1986 to 1992, making it the last pickup to wear the Jeep name.


What is the sister model to the Canyon pickup truck?

Both of these midsize pickup trucks from GM have been around since 2003. While they were originally manufactured just in the United States, GM has expanded production to Brazil and Thailand.


What was the last model year of the Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota launched with the 1987 model year, offering an alternative to the compact trucks like the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet S-10, as well as full-size pickups, making it a unique product on the market.


What are the current Ford F-150 body panels made of?

While people have laughed at the decision to use aluminum for the F-150's body panels, many people at first misunderstood the strength of the alloy that would be used. Despite their claimed durability, some owners have reported sky-high repair costs for body work.


What was one other name for the Jeep Gladiator?

AMC used the same Jeep SJ platform that was in use with the Wagoneer to create the Gladiator, which was also called the Jeep Pickup or J-Series at different points. Many are reminiscent of this truck's front-end design, which has been featured on more recent concept vehicles.


What was the name of the truck based on the Ford Model T?

Ford wasn't exactly creative with names back in the day, but the Model TT arguably began the pickup truck movement. It first hit the market in 1917, first as only a chassis to which the owner would have to bolt a body. By 1924, Ford saw fit to add a body to the vehicle.


What's the nickname for the Toyota Tacoma?

Essentially, the Tacoma is a truck made for North America, although Toyota does sell it in Bolivia, Chile, Panama, and New Caledonia. It started out as a compact model in 1995, but became a midsize truck in its second generation.


What size diesel engine can you get in the Chevy Colorado?

When GM first offered the Duramax 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine for the Colorado and Canyon pickups, it was a novel move. Now, more light-duty pickups are coming with a diesel engine option, thanks to obvious advantages like increased torque and lower fuel consumption.


What former President of the United States owned a Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler?

The CJ-8 was a long-wheelbase version of the CJ-7, plus a removable half-cab that allowed owners to load stuff in the back, just like a pickup truck. Ronald Reagan had an affection for his, which he used on his ranch in California.


What is the name of the top trim for the GMC Sierra 1500?

If you want a truly luxurious truck, have your heart set on a GMC, and aren't interested in anything heavy-duty, the Denali is as good as it gets. GMC adds all kinds of features, including exterior styling, that makes this version of the truck really stand out.


What major feature can't you get on the Ford F-650 that comes standard on the F-150?

Because the Ford F-650 is a commercial medium-duty truck, companies who buy it are looking to upfit it with any number of products, including a large cargo trailer or flatbed​ for towing other vehicles.


What two engine options do you get for a 2018 Ram 3500?

Since the Ram 3500 is built for some serious work, the truck comes with two hard-hitting engines. The first one, a 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel, puts out 930 lb.-ft. of torque. If you don't need quite as much capability, the 6.4-liter Hemi puts out 429 lb.-ft. of torque.


Where is the engine located on the Jeep FC Series trucks?

FC stands for Forward Control, which is another way of saying cab over. These trucks were mostly used by companies, government agencies, and farmers, although a few interesting and smart people in the suburbs took to them.


What truck is the basis of the Velociraptor from Hennessey?

Hennessey Performance will take your average, "boring" Ford Raptor and turn it into one of several Velociraptor models, including the completely crazy 6X6 truck and the 600 Twin Turbo with 600 horsepower on tap.


What famous aeronautical ship did the Toyota Tundra tow?

Toyota played up its towing a space shuttle for NASA from one facility to another on the freeway as a huge event, even making a commercial out of it. Some people claimed it was fake, but the fact is,​ any truck that produces at least 400 lb.-ft of torque could do the same thing in those conditions.


What truck model did the Chevy Silverado replace?

Chevrolet's full-size pickup before the Silverado was called the C/K. It was in production for 40 years exactly, from 1960 to 2000, for the United States market. In previous Chevy pickups, a "C" meant two-wheel drive, and a K was for four-wheel drive.


From where did the Dodge Ram SRT-10 get its engine?

Despite what some people believe, the SRT-10 wasn't the first Ram to use a Viper engine. The Dodge Ram VTS was shown off at the Chicago Auto Show in 1996, and it too had a Viper transplant, but the concept was never put into production.


When was the F-100 officially introduced?

Before the F-100, Ford's half-ton pickup truck was called the F-1. At the same time, the F-2 and F-3 became the F-250, while the F-4 was the F-350. Later, the F-150 was introduced, eventually pushing out the F-100 from the F-Series lineup.


How much horsepower does the limited-run Chevy Yenko SC Silverado make?

Specialty Vehicle Engineering, which now owns Yenko, makes several internal upgrades to the 6.8-liter V-8 engine and adds a supercharger to push out 800 horsepower and 750 lb.-ft. of torque, making the truck a little bit of a hot rod.


How many generations of the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning were there?

Most people only remember the second generation of the Lightning, a truck featured in "The Fast and the Furious." The first generation ran from 1993 to 1995, while the second lasted from 1999 to 2004.


How many Willys Jeep Pickup Trucks were made?

This pickup used the same Go-Devil 134-cubic inch engine and 3-speed Borg-Warner T-90 manual transmission as the Willys Jeep Wagon. It hit the market in 1947 and lasted until 1963.


What is the base MSRP of a 2018 Ford Super Duty F-450 Limited?

To call this pickup luxurious certainly wouldn't be inaccurate. Among the features you can get on it,​ are adaptive cruise control, two-tone leather upholstery, the Ultimate Tow Camera System, and a Sony sound system.


How long is the longest bed available for the 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500HD?

As a truck that's made to haul really big and heavy loads, it makes sense that Chevy offers a bed that's so long. The official cargo volume is 76.30 square feet, or plenty to take all kinds of things from one place to another.


What was one vehicle Kaiser Jeep created the Jeepster Commando to compete against?

In 1966 the Jeepster Commando hit the market to dual not only with the Ford Bronco, but also the International Scout and Toyota Land Cruiser, which were all appealing to rugged outdoorsie types.


What is the name of the most basic 2018 Ram 1500 available?

If you want the most basic version of the Ram 1500, the Tradesman is your ticket. You can pick it out easily, thanks to the black bumpers and grille, plus no-frill wheels and vinyl flooring on the interior.


What was the first Chevy truck ever built?

The 1918 Chevy One-Ton wasn't anything like today's trucks, considering customers had to assemble the back end to their specifications. If you bought just the chassis version, MSRP was a mere $1,325!


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