Quiz: Are you an '80s whiz kid?
Are you an '80s whiz kid?
By: Maria Trimarchi

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You remember when President Reagan was shot. And when John Lennon was assassinated. When fights broke out over Cabbage Patch Kids and when the Chicago Bears did the Super Bowl Shuffle. See if you're an '80s expert.

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When what fell, so did most of the communist governments in Eastern Europe?
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In 1981, what 24/7 cable entertainment channel launched with the video of The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star"?
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Who did Charles the Prince of Wales marry in 1981?
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Booster engine failure caused which shuttle to disintegrate just 73 seconds after it launched, on January 28, 1986, from the Kennedy Space Center?
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In 1986, there was a catastrophic nuclear accident at what nuclear power plant?
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For most of January 1986, what comet was visible in the western sky, after sunset?
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What was the name of the first popular portable audio cassette player?
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Which was not a popular hairstyle in the '80s?
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When did Michael Jackson introduce the world to his moonwalk?
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Which computer was the most popular among home users in the early '80s?
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What was first lady Nancy Reagan's campaign, which was part of the "War on Drugs"?
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What role-playing game was fingered as being the work of the devil in the early '80s?
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Excuse me, are those ____ jeans you're wearing?
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The bobsled team from which country surprised everyone at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary?
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Which was the first NASA space shuttle to have a successful first flight into space?
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What did the artists who recorded "We Are the World" to raise money to help alleviate famine in Ethiopia call themselves?
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Although McDonald's executive chef René Arend created the recipe in 1979, what item didn't get on the menu until 1983?
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Not to be confused with harem or "Hammer" pants, what's a characteristic of parachute pants?
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The "Brat Pack" was the name given to a group of actors who often appeared together in teen movies in the '80s. Who's not one of this group?
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"New Coke," as it was unofficially known, hit U.S. stores in April 1985. And Americans hated it. How long did it take until original Coke returned?
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Who was the U.S. men's ice hockey team up against in the 1980 Winter Olympics when they pulled off the "Miracle on Ice"?
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On May 13, 1981, there was an assassination attempt on which pope's life?
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Which now-obsolete format won the videotape format war?
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Of the five James Bond films released in the '80s, which does not star Roger Moore as Bond?
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Which was the first computer to introduce a mouse?
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Elizabeth Jordan Carr, born on December 28, 1981, was the first baby in the U.S. born via which fertility treatment?
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Who tells us in the 1987 film "Wall Street" that "greed ... is good"?
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Which story was both a top-grossing film and top-selling novel in 1983?
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Who was the first American woman in space?
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What expression replaced "um," and was used generously in conversation?
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