Quiz: Are You Able to Translate These '70s Slang Words?
Are You Able to Translate These '70s Slang Words?
By: John Miller
Image: Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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In the 1970s, American culture was still in recovery mode from the hyperventilated craziness of the 1960s. In many parts of the country, life started to slow down a bit, as new cultural norms and calmer waters began to prevail. The slang of the day started to change, too, although many holdovers from the ‘60s were still common. For this funky quiz, see if you can remember the casual lingo of the 1970s.

It’s time to get “righteous” in this groovy 1970s slang quiz. Say what? You heard me right. We’re going way, way back to veg out with this test of your old-school lingo, from the days when Burt Reynolds was the next big thing, and the ‘80s and all of their gaudy neon goodness were still just a glimmer in the future. Get wired on this crazy test of cultural knowledge so that when your elderly friends ask, “what’s the buzz?” you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

Grow out those mutton chops and break out the paisley leisure suit. You’re going to be extra zomba for the disco tonight, and if not, we’ll blow that taco stand and get funky somewhere else. Dive into this ‘70s slang quiz now!

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In the '70s, if you wanted to confirm whether your buddy understood what you were saying, what would you ask?
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Which of the following expressions is '70s slang for "wow!"?
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Maybe a peace sign would help? What are you going to do with those "good vibes"?
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If someone says, "I'll catch you on the flip side," what in the world do they really mean?
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It's not offensive. What are you going to do with the "boob tube"?
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In the '70s, if you needed a favor from a friend, what would you ask?
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In the 1970s, which term would match words like "cool" or "groovy"?
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Which of the following descriptions best defines the '70s phrase, "peace out"?
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It's for when you're too tired or lazy to use the whole word. What does "bogue" mean?
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Can you finish this '70s slang phrase? "Up your nose with a rubber _____."
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There wasn't anymore to give. Which '70s phrase meant that you were giving it all you had?
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In the '70s, you want the truth and nothing but the truth. What do you want?
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That guy's a real daydreamer. What would you call him?
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If you're unhinged, there's a problem. What's a '70s term for losing it?
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It's the 1970s and your buddy is totally confused. Where is he?
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It's a '60s holdover. What's the best definition for "far out?"
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It was a one-word slam. In the '70s, what did you say if you tricked someone?
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It's 1972. What are you going to do with that "chill pill"?
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Keep it family-friendly. In the '70s, if someone said, "gimme some skin," what did they mean?
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It's not a side dish. What did it mean if you said "cool beans"?
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But we mean it in the nicest possible way. In the '70s, what was a phrase that meant "stop it?"
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Don't let off of the gas. What did it mean if someone said, "keep on truckin'?"
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In the '70s, if you were really into something, which word would you've been most likely to use?
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It's 1978, and you're late for school. Can you finish this phrase? You're going to have to _____ it.
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In the '70s, it was a way of affirming something. What was it?
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Watch out for that girl. Can you complete this sentence? "Wow, did you see her acting all crazy at the party last night? What a _____."
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Can you finish this '70s phrase? "No way, _____."
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It was a '70s staple and similar to another common phrase. What did it mean if some asked, "What's the skinny?"
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It was a slang term for "the best." Which '70s term best fits?
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Boundary issues, man. What does it mean if you say, "stop dipping in my Kool-Aid"?
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"It's time to get the groove on!" It's time to do what?
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Can you complete this '70s slang? "Don't be a loser, don't be a _____."
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Oh, it's 1977, and we're going to get get down. What are we going to do? We're going to _____."
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