Quiz: Are You a True NBA Fan? Tell Us How Much You Know About the Boston Celtics
Are You a True NBA Fan? Tell Us How Much You Know About the Boston Celtics
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

The Boston Celtics have set records, produced all-world players, and won multiple championships over the course of their storied history. Do you know all about that history, though? Could you ace a quiz on this franchise? Here's your chance to try!

Few franchises in the NBA have the prestige and honors of the Boston Celtics, a team that has been with the league since it was founded. Since then, the Celtics have pushed the boundaries of the league, becoming both innovators and teachers, as they have risen to the top of the NBA. To stay at the top, the team has drafted and traded for star players, gone after the best coaches and executives, and reinvented itself and its identity. All of this has helped the Celtics position themselves to compete in the biggest events and conquer some of the most glorious moments in NBA history, showing that, for the Celtics, mediocrity was never an option.

Are you a basketball historian with knowledge on all of the greatest franchises? Are you just simply a huge fan of the Celtics? Do you know all of the statistics from the best players or the championships won? If you think you do, then here's your chance to challenge yourself and prove you're a true NBA fan!

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