Quiz: Are You a True Buckeye?
Are You a True Buckeye?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

O-H-I-O! Do you simply know a lot about Ohio, or have you bled the state's colors since the day you were born? Let's find out if you are a true Buckeye or if you have simply passed through a few times!

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Which Ohio city have you spent the most time in?

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Which of Ohio's neighboring states do you like most?

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Which Ohio sports team do you like most?

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Which Amish made food would you try?

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Which famous Ohioan do you like most?

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Which of Cedar Point's rollercoasters would you ride?

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Ohio has dramatic seasons. What's your favorite?

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Which beer made in Ohio would you try?

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Which of Ohio's smaller cities would you like to visit?

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Which film, shot in Ohio, do you like most?

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Have you ever eaten at one of Michael Symon's restaurants?

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Which state do you think comes in second after Ohio?

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Which word would you use to describe Ohio?

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