Are You a Shark, Dolphin or Whale, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?

Zoe Samuel

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Thinking that dolphins and sharks are related in some way is the sort of mistake that can be forgiven, but thinking they are the same is dangerous. Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals. They are about as smart as very young human children. They give birth to live young. They have to breathe air, forcing them to return to the surface every now and then for a quick gulp of oxygen. Likewise, whales are mammals, but due to their much more massive lung capacity, whales can spend much longer underwater. Some whales can stay underwater for as long as 2 hours, allowing them to dive deeply and feed on creatures we never get to see.

Sharks are another matter all together. Sharks are a kind of fish, not mammals. Sharks breathe through gills that require them to either move or remain still while a current moves oxygenated water through them. Sharks come in more varieties than dolphins and whales, from the lumbering, harmless, and strangely named whale shark, to the exceptionally dangerous and aggressive tiger shark. Sharks and dolphins may both have dorsal fins, but aside from that they couldn't be more different. Take our Myers-Briggs Personality Test and we'll tell you if you're a shark, a dolphin or a whale!

How often do your dreams root themselves in ongoing, real events?

Would you rather see your child grow up to be a nice person with good morals but low intelligence, or a clever jerk?

Do you worry when someone doesn't respond to your texts, letters, emails, or IMs?

How often do you find yourself lost in your own imagination?

How often do you get so lost in thoughts that you ignore your surroundings?

Is your work style more about inspiration than a regimented routine?

How often do you worry about the effect your actions have on others?

How difficult do you find it is to empathize with others?

How often are you upset by others?

How much do you like to be the center of attention?

How much do you feel the need to justify yourself?

Which matters more to you: winning an argument, or preserving someone else's feelings?

Which is more important to you: adaptability or organization?

How rarely do you do something out of plain old curiosity?

How easy do you find it is to stay relaxed under pressure?

How difficult do you find it to introduce yourself to other people?

Is your natural proclivity more planning oriented, or improvisational?

How quickly do you integrate into your employers' social scene?

Are you in control of your emotions, or are they in control of you?

How likely are you to entertain ridiculous notions just because you find them interesting?

Do you think of yourself as a wallflower?

How often do you think of the meaning of life?

Which do you value more, having a set plan, or not being tied down by commitments?

How often do you feel insecure?

Is being correct more important than being cooperative?

How often do you misplace things?

How often are you distracted by your fantasies for the future?

How do you feel when making a public speech?

How do you navigate a crowded room?

What is your preferred kind of entertainment?

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