Are You a Natural Healer?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

While the medical field is full of doctors and nurses who help to heal others in conventional ways, we're going to explore the more "natural" route in this healing quiz. A natural healer is someone who doesn't typically use medicine to help people. Rather, they use various forms of spiritual and energy healing methods that allow someone to connect with their mind, body and soul. Some people may need to take some lessons to learn how to do this, while others are just naturally gifted with some of these methods (and that could be you)!

Contact healing is one of the most popular forms of spiritual healing, as it allows the healer to "transfer" their inner energy to certain parts of someone's face and body (such as their shoulders or forehead). Another method is called absent healing, which involves praying for someone who is in need of help. Sometimes, the natural healer will also chant a specific mantra while utilizing visualization techniques. Other forms of energy healing include pranic healing, reiki healing and polarity therapy. If some of these healing processes sound foreign to you, don't worry, because we're just going to determine if you're a natural healer on the inside! So take our elemental quiz now to find out more about your natural abilities!

"Home" means something different for everyone. What does it mean for you?

Is it difficult for you to express how you feel to others?

Are you sensitive and emotionally intelligent to other people's feelings?

Do you feel like it's your duty to help the people of this Earth?

How would you describe the dreams that you have at night?

Which of these gemstones would you use to heal other people?

What are you hoping to achieve in your own life?

Do you secretly have a spiritual connection to various types of animals?

Are you able to see someone else's past or future?

Choose a powerful type of healing spell that may help others!

Can you easily detect certain types of patterns in this world?

Who needs a weather app when someone like you can accurately perceive weather changes, right?

True or false: You find that people tend to share all kinds of secrets with you.

Is it more fun for you to listen or talk to other people?

Have you always believed that you are a bit different from everyone else?

Which of these elements of this world do you feel spiritually connected to?

Are you able to easily make someone go from sad to happy in just a few minutes?

Do you secretly feel misunderstood by the world around you?

Animals can help to heal people, too! Which of these animals would be your trustworthy healing companion?

On a scale of 1-10, how strong are your natural instincts in this world?

Would you describe your ways of thinking as more micro or macro?

Are there other natural healers in your family or social circle?

Do you find that other people often come to you for advice and guidance?

True or false: As much as you like helping people, you feel tired or fatigued after being around them too much.

How important is your physical and mental health to you?

Would you use the word "open-minded" to describe your personality?

Which of these holistic healing career paths would you like to embark on?

Are you able to control the energy that lies within you?

Would you be able to scare the bad spirits away from others?

Is it important for you to respect Mother Nature and its inhabitants?

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