Quiz: Are You a Marx Brothers Expert?
Are You a Marx Brothers Expert?
By: Jim Moore
Image: The Movie DB

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35 questions about the brothers and their movies.

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What was Groucho’s name in A Night at the Opera?
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What musical instrument did Groucho play?
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Name the Marx Brothers’ mother.
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Zeppo Marx was an inventor with his own company. Can you name it?
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Name the Marx Brothers’ father.
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What was Groucho’s real name?
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What was Chico’s real name?
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What was Harpo’s real name?
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What was Zeppo’s real name?
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What show made the Marx Brothers a hit on Broadway?
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What was the Marx Brothers’ first feature film?
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Name the Marx Brother from the original act who wasn’t in any of the movies.
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What future TV star appeared with the Marx Brothers in Room Service?
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Name the regal grande dame regularly played opposite Groucho in Marx Brothers movies.
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In The Big Store, what was the name of the store?
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Name the tiny country that is the setting for Duck Soup.
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Name the college at the center of the plot in Horse Feathers.
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In Animal Crackers, Captain Jeffrey T. Spalding says the “T” stands for what?
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In Monkey Business, the brothers had no names. What were they called?
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What was the name of the racehorse the brothers helped in A Day at the Races?
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Which Hollywood bombshell made her first, albeit brief, big screen appearance in the Marx Brothers Love Happy?
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The plot of Go West includes the deed to some property. What was the property called?
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Which Marx Brother appeared on I Love Lucy?
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The Marx Brothers’ father, Sam, was known by a nickname. What was it?
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What what future jazz-singing star started out with the Chico Marx Orchestra?
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Harpo inspired a character in the play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Name that character.
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What New York City neighborhood did the Marx Brothers grow up in?
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The Cocoanuts featured songs by which incredibly famous songwriter?
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Which opera is being performed in the final scenes of A Night at the Opera?
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When he appeared on I Love Lucy, what song did Harpo play?
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