Are You a Ford or a Chevy at Heart?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Before you take your heart into the dealership for service, you need to know where to take it. No two car makers have continually captivated and impressed the world like Ford and Chevy, and we think your very soul is more one than the other. Which one it is it? You'll have to answer our questions to find out. 

As we put your heart on our diagnostic machines, the way you approach the driving life, the things you think about certain cars and your desire to take the roads less traveled will point us in the direction of your heart's automaker. You might be as tough as a Ford F-150 or as efficient as a Chevy Spark, but we'll have to see how your heart is doing before we can truly make the call. Will we come up with the same thing you are thinking?

Before you set off on the highway of this quiz, make sure you are in the appropriate lane. Signal the choice that best answers our question based upon your preferences and your heart, and we'll let you know which company's soul beats deep inside you. Are you more like the "heartbeat of America" or do you "go further?" Let's take a drive and find out!

Would you rather drive an SUV or an economy car?

What do you look for when you shop for a new vehicle?

Which vehicle describes the size of your heart?

What does owning a sports car say about someone?

Which of these muscle cars would you like to park in your garage?

How often should you wash your car?

What kind of music suits the way you drive?

Do you have a favorite foreign auto maker?

Which of your traits pops out during rush hour traffic?

When is the last time you went to a car show?

Is your current ride older than you are?

Can you change your own car's oil?

Do you prefer to drive a stick shift or an automatic?

Which of these auto slogans sums you up best?

Would you like to spend more time in the garage or the kitchen?

When you test drive a car, how do you drive?

How do you feel when you see a restored Mustang drive by?

Would you ever own a hatchback?

Do you think the Chevy Silverado or the Ford F-150 is more stylish?

Which of these car-related jobs would you enjoy trying?

If you had a flat tire, what would be your first move?

Do you ever miss a NASCAR race?

Where would you prefer to go on a solo road trip?

When you need a new car, where do you shop for it?

Have you ever been in a fender bender?

Do you frequently use the carpool lane?

What kind of passenger are you?

Would you make a good bus driver?

How close do you sit to the steering wheel?

What would be the best part of being a long-haul trucker?

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