Are You a Cool Mom?

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"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"

These words, spoken by Amy Poehler's tragic tryhard mom character in "Mean Girls", are not an endorsement of the character. They're an iconic description of a sort of woman who lives vicariously through her kids and doesn't dare parent them because she'd rather be their friend so that she can feel young again. The character is a "cool mom," in quotes - and as everyone knows, if you have to tell people you're cool, you aren't.

Are there any actual cool moms out there? The answer depends on how you define cool. There are some moms who are up to date on trends, always show up looking fabulous and remain incredibly put-together despite the rigors of parenting. They have their own goals and careers, they are still highly present in their kids' lives, and their children even privately admit they want to be like them when they grow up. These are alpha moms, and they are indisputably cool. There are other moms who are cool by virtue of not buying into the mommy wars and not being overbearing. They mostly work, but not too hard. However, they can slip into being a smidge neglectful in their efforts not to helicopter their kids, which is very uncool.

There are other moms who treat parenting like a competitive sport. Perhaps they had a career but it's gone now, and all that ambition is now poured into their children. Calling them cool would be a terrible insult to them; they are not here to be your friend, they don't care what's cool, and no, you may not stay out past curfew on a school night!

Which of these moms are you? Let's find out!

How do you check that your kids did their homework?

Do you take evenings off just to be yourself?

Do your kids secretly think you're kinda cool?

Are you involved in things like the PTA and the local community?

What's your typical non-workday uniform?

How often do you hang out one-on-one with each of your kids, just to have fun?

How do you feel about the "mommy wars"?

Who else does child care for your kids?

How old were your kids when they were able to make their own breakfast and dress themselves?

Do you get guilt when you spend money on yourself?

What do you wear on the school run?

When your kids are being bratty, what do you do?

Do you say, "No" when it needs saying?

What is your go-to punishment?

If you found out your 16-year-old vandalized property, what would you do?

Do you describe your children as your best friends?

How much of a life outside your children and husband do you maintain?

At what age should a child have their own phone?

Would you let your child pierce their ears?

How much do you worry over decisions you make as a mom?

How is your relationship with your mom?

During a normal day, what percentage of the things you say to your child are requirements, advice or instructions?

How strict is bedtime in your house?

If your child finishes eating before everyone else, can they leave the table?

What's your position on "The Talk" (AKA the birds and the bees)?

Be honest: Do you sometimes live vicariously through your kids' achievements?

If your child said they weren't going to college, how would you feel about that?

Do you know the names of your children's teachers?

Does your child get an allowance?

If your child disagrees with you on a big moral question, how do you resolve it?

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