Are You a Common Phrases Master?

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About This Quiz

Do you think that you're a common phrases master? There's only one way to find out and that's with this quiz! With 30 questions about common phrases, we're hoping that you've studied at least a little bit! 

Don't worry if you don't know too much about common phrases either, as this quiz can also serve as a learning process for you! There's only one rule when taking this quiz, and that is to have fun. Let's start with a couple of warm-ups to help prepare you for some of the common phrases in this quiz. 

If two people really love each other, what might you call them? The answer would be "love birds!" Or how about this one: What should you swing for when you want to put in 100% of your effort with something? The answer is "fences!" This is a reference to knocking one out of the park -- both baseball phrases. 

Some of the questions in this quiz will also require you to know the phrases beforehand, like the "Swing for the fences" example question. Let's try one more: If you really like something, you might say that the object in question is your cup of..." Nope, not coffee! It's tea! Great job with the warm-ups, now it's time for you to see if you're really a common phrases master!

If I say "This shirt is a dime a dozen," that means that the shirt is...

What does a "piece of cake" refer to?

If I have a "chip on my shoulder," than I'm holding a...

Someone who is really busy may be equated to which of these insects?

Fill in the blank: "An _______ a day keeps the doctor away."

If I say "This toy costs an arm and a leg," what does that mean?

If I want you to "knuckle down" on this task, than I want you to...

Let's say you're really stressed out and I'm trying to calm you down. Which of these phrases would I most likely say to you?

Something that is super simple to do might be like...

What was "not built in a day?"

If I'm feeling really tired, I might be "running out of"...

Let's say I'm giving up on a task. What would I be "throwing in?"

What does the early bird always get?

Why is "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" a famous phrase?

What's the missing letter in this phrase: "There's no ____ in team."

What finally broke the camel's back?

Which of these shellfish equates to happiness?

Pick one of these phrases that is used to warn someone of a potential threat.

What color is the lining of every cloud?

If you're feeling really confident about something, you might tell someone to "eat my"...

What shouldn't you count before they hatch?

What do you draw when you can't remember something?

If someone is a jack of all trades, then they are probably a...

Let's say you're talking way too much. Which of these phrases would I say to get you to be quiet?

You can grow lots of things on trees except for...

When something looks really tasty, you might say that it looks...

Fill in the blank: "It ain't over till the fat _____ sings."

What is "up" when you're caught red-handed?

The word "sorry" fits at the end of which of these phrases?

What eventually killed the cat?

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