Quiz: Are You a 5th-Grade Math Whiz?
Are You a 5th-Grade Math Whiz?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Did you ace fifth-grade math? Take this quiz to find out how much of your elementary math skills you remember.

Were you one of those students who did every problem of the math homework even though the teacher told you to do only the odd or even ones? If you did, you were either a math whiz or a nerd... probably both, but that's ok. Or were you one of those students who cried "when will I ever use this stuff" every time you opened up your math textbook? 

If you were the latter, you might be having a hard time helping your own child with his or her math homework, especially with all of the new changes in the way math is taught. 

But, if you were the former, you either became a math teacher, or you realize that your fellow students who wanted to know when they would ever use that stuff might be kicking themselves because they use math every day without even realizing it.

So, if you know a little more than two plus two equals four and that a prime number is a number that can be divided only by the number one and itself, take this quiz to test your fifth-grade math knowledge.

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