Are These "Bachelor" Contestants or Stock Photos?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
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Everything is coming up roses! That's what each contestant on The Bachelor hopes for - and we think this quiz will be totally rosy for you, too!

ABC's "The Bachelor" is old-fashioned match-making done reality TV style. Ever since the show kicked off its first season in 2002, it has kept viewers glued to their TV screens eager to see which lucky contestant ends up with that precious final rose.

Admittedly, some seasons have been more exciting than others. Like that one which had NO winner! Can you still picture the two finalists who were shunned and stunned by the bachelor that time? They are both in the quiz, try spotting them - if you can!

"Drama" is definitely this show's middle name. There has been more than one season which saw the bachelor moving on to a relationship, and even marriage, with his runner-up! Can you recall any of those unlucky winners and the luckier runners-up? Or, will our stock photos fool you each time? Take the quiz, already, and find out!

You will have to be a devoted fan of "The Bachelor" to spot each and every stock photo straight away. So, will you come out smelling like roses, or will we have to give the final rose to someone else? Jump into the quiz and let's see!

DeAnna Pappas was a finalist in the 11th Season of "The Bachelor." The other finalist was Jenni Croft. The bachelor, Brad Womack, pulled the shocker of not choosing either contestant as winner – the first and only time, so far, that this has happened.

This is a stock photo, not a contestant from The Bachelor.

Emily Maynard was the Season 15 winner. We’re sure she breathed a sigh a relief, since the season featured the return of Brad Womack, who had rejected both finalists in Season 11. Emily and Brad dated then broke up but are still friends.

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher was a popular contestant from Season 20 who managed to make it all the way to the final two. She was not chosen by bachelor Ben Higgins as the season’s winner, but she went on to get a second chance at love as the star in Season 12 of "The Bachelorette."

Might just be a future contestant, but for now – just a stock photo.

When Season 19 ended, Whitney Bischoff was the winner and new fiancée to bachelor Chris Soules. The couple didn’t make it down the aisle together, however, as they broke up a few short months later.

When Season 20 ended, newly engaged Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins (the bachelor) starred in “Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?” – a reality TV show based on their relationship. The pair decided to call it quits a year later, in May of 2017.

Sorry if this looks like one the contestants to you – she was never on the show!

This isn’t a contestant from any of the over 20 seasons of the show.

Bachelor Andrew Firestone gave Jen Schefft his final rose, declaring her his Season 3 winner. He also proposed, which she accepted! They remained a couple for a few months before calling off the engagement.

Actress Shayne Dahl Lamas is the daughter of renowned actor Lorenzo Lamas. She outshined 24 other contestants to emerge winner of Season 12.

While this might be a contestant in the future, for now it’s just a stock photo.

Indianapolis native Trista Rehn was the runner up on Season 1 when she lost out to winner Amanda Marsh. She was nicely “rewarded,” however, by being the very first Bachelorette on the show’s sister series. She and the winner, Ryan Sutter, are currently married with children.

Even if the face seems familiar to you, this is not a contestant from the show.

On Season 14 of the show, Tenley Molzahn ended up the runner-up. The bachelor, Jake Pavelka, gave his final rose (and proposal) to the other finalist, Vienna Girardi, instead.

Lauren Burnham was the unlucky finalist for Season 22. The bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., gave his final rose and proposal to the other girl - Becca Kufrin. As luck would have it, however, Arie decided Lauren was the one for him, after all and the two are now engaged!

Kudos to you if you could tell this isn’t a contestant from any of the show’s seasons!

Vienna Girardi was the last girl standing when Season 14 ended. The bachelor, Jake Pavelka, went as far as to propose on the season finale! The relationship didn’t last, however, as the couple soon broke off their engagement.

Stock photo, here! This isn’t one of the over 500 contestants who have been on the show.

It was the real thing! When Season 17 ended, Catherine Giudici and the bachelor, Sean Lowe, were engaged. The pair later got married and are currently still together with 2 children.

Stock photo! This not one of the show’s many cast members.

Molly Malaney did not get the final rose from Jason Mesnick, the Season 13 bachelor. He gave it, and a proposal, to the other finalist, Melissa Rycroft, instead. Jason soon had a change of heart, however, as he broke up with Melissa, got married to Molly and now the happy couple has at least one child together!

She might look familiar to you, but she wasn’t a contestant on "The Bachelor."

Winner of Season 16, Courtney Robertson, has been engaged twice to the bachelor who gave her his final rose - Ben Flajnik. They simply couldn’t make it work, however, and have called it quits, again.

Nikki Ferrell won the heart of the show’s Season 18 bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis. He was the first Latino bachelor on the show and while the couple gave their relationship a try, it didn’t work out in the end. They are now married to other people.

No contestant here – not yet, anyway! For now, just another stock photo.

Sadie Murray was the runner-up for Season 9. After bachelor, Lorenzo Borghese, dated his final pick, Jennifer Wilson, for a while, he and Sadie went on to become a couple. They later broke up, as well.

This is stock photo not one of the contestants vying for a rose on "The Bachelor."

After Becca Kufrin won Season 22 of "The Bachelor," the show’s star, Arie Luyendyk Jr., broke off the engagement. Becca got a second chance at love, however, as she became the 14th star of "The Bachelorette."

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