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Bedbugs were thought to have disappeared, but they are again on the rise. These little nuisances are hard to find and spread very quickly. If you want to know whether bedbugs are coming for you, take this quiz.

In which decade were bedbugs almost eradicated from the U.S.?

In the 1950s bedbugs were almost eradicated from the U.S. However, they are becoming a cause for concern as they are making a comeback.


How did people used to get rid of bedbugs?

In the olden days, people would boil their bedding in order to get rid of bedbugs.


How big are bedbugs?

Adult bedbugs are only a quarter-inch (0.6 cm)long and they are quite flat in shape. This makes it easy for them to hide in cracks and crevices within mattresses, materials and carpeting.


Why are bedbugs difficult to kill?

Bedbugs are resistant to many pesticides, which makes them difficult to exterminate.


How are pesticides commonly applied these days?

These days pesticides are generally put out in bait form, rather than sprays, as this is less dangerous for the environment. However, baits are ineffective against bedbugs.


Why are bedbugs on the rise in the U.S. these days?

People are travelling to places with bedbugs more often these days, and they inadvertently bring bedbugs back with them into the U.S. In addition, bedbugs are difficult to kill due to their resistance to pesticides.


Where are bedbugs likely to be found?

Bedbugs are likely to be found in places where there are many people, such as theaters and shopping malls and in places where there are communal living arrangements, such as hotels, dorms or apartments.


How do bedbugs transfer from one place to another?

Bedbugs crawl into the seams of your clothing, bedding or suitcase and hitch a ride.


What is the initial sign that you have bedbugs?

Initially, you will find a few bites, swollen and red in nature. If these bites begin to multiply, you should start looking out for bedbugs.


Bedbugs are usually found within _____ feet of their victims.

Bedbugs usually stay within eight feet (2.4 m)of their victims, so check places within eight feet if you suspect the presence of bedbugs.


In which part of the home do bedbugs usually reside?

Bedbugs like to live in places where you spend a lot of time relaxing, such as the bedroom or living room.


What color are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a reddish brown color.


How can you avoid bringing bedbugs into your home?

Try not to buy second-hand, upholstered furniture, as it may have already been infested with bedbugs.


If you find bedbugs in your clothing or bedding, what should you do?

Kill bedbugs in your linen or clothing by boiling them in hot water.


What may aid you in your search for the source of bedbugs?

Exterminators have been using specially trained dogs to find bedbugs. The dogs are trained to detect the scent of bedbugs -- a sweet, musty smell -- and can help find the source of infestation.


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