Quiz: Are '60s Cars Your Thing? Show Us How Much You Really Know!
Are '60s Cars Your Thing? Show Us How Much You Really Know!
By: Steven Symes
Image: Petrolicious

About This Quiz

Are you a child of the 1960s? Did you own a lot of cars back then? Or, are you just a big fan of the decade you never experienced? Quite a few iconic models were released during the decade, making it a great time for car enthusiasts. After all, the muscle car wars stared in the 60s, which was also a time of many new personal luxury cars, as well as Hippie favorites with weird features.

Plenty of people think that car designs hit their prime in the 1960s. It was after all the huge fins and other overly indulgent creations from the 1950s. Designers focused more on strong lines, simplicity, yet original approaches. You can easily distinguish the different brands and models, something you can't say about vehicles today. A number of timeless, amazingly beautiful cars came out of the era, making it easy to see why people romanticize it so much.

Put on an old Jimi Hendrix record, don your questionable fashions, and do whatever else is necessary to jog your memory of this era's amazing cars. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Take the quiz now!

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What famous pony car did Ford launch in 1964?
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What was the first production year of the Chevy Camaro?
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What was the only year the Chevy Corvette had a split rear window?
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What was the official name of the Volkswagen Microbus?
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What model years of the Lincoln Continental featured slab sides?
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What was technically the first pony car launched in the 1960s?
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How many 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snakes were produced?
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When did the Jaguar E-Type officially launch?
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How much horsepower did the Ferrari 250 GTO belt out?
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What famous former race car driver did Ford recruit to refine the GT40?
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What kind of transmission did the Aston Martin DB5 come with?
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What year did Chevy start offering the Chevelle with a 396?
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What Pontiac arguably touched off the muscle car wars of the 60s?
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When was the first complete redesign of the Porsche 911?
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How many seats did the Lotus Elan come with?
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What brand inspired the creator of the Buick Riviera?
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What change helped the Shelby Daytona Coupe outperform the Cobra's top speed?
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What was Studebaker's halo car that launched in the 60s?
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What was unique about the design of the Chevy Corvair?
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What was bigger about the Mark II Mini?
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Where was the Chrysler Valiant manufactured?
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What kind of vehicle was the Mazda Cosmo?
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What celebrity helped promote the Plymouth Road Runner?
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Which of the following wasn't a place where the AMC was manufactured?
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What was Ferrari's first high-production model?
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What was Oldsmobile's answer to the Ford Thunderbird and Buick Riviera?
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What year did Ford launch the Mustang 428 Cobra Jet?
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What car did the Alfa Romeo Spider replace in 1966?
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What kind of engine did Chrysler use for the 1960 300F?
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What was the first model year of the fourth generation Ford Thunderbird?
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What did Dodge create the Charger Daytona for?
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What was the displacement of the BMW 2002's engine?
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What was the original Mercury Cougar based on?
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What kind of car was the Maserati Sebring?
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