Quiz: Are '60s Cars Your Thing? Show Us How Much You Really Know!
Are '60s Cars Your Thing? Show Us How Much You Really Know!
By: Steven Symes
Image: Petrolicious

About This Quiz

Are you a child of the 1960s? Did you own a lot of cars back then? Or, are you just a big fan of the decade you never experienced? Quite a few iconic models were released during the decade, making it a great time for car enthusiasts. After all, the muscle car wars stared in the 60s, which was also a time of many new personal luxury cars, as well as Hippie favorites with weird features.

Plenty of people think that car designs hit their prime in the 1960s. It was after all the huge fins and other overly indulgent creations from the 1950s. Designers focused more on strong lines, simplicity, yet original approaches. You can easily distinguish the different brands and models, something you can't say about vehicles today. A number of timeless, amazingly beautiful cars came out of the era, making it easy to see why people romanticize it so much.

Put on an old Jimi Hendrix record, don your questionable fashions, and do whatever else is necessary to jog your memory of this era's amazing cars. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Take the quiz now!

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