Quiz: The April Fools' Day Quiz
The April Fools' Day Quiz
By: Staff
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If you think you know everything there is to know about pranks and hoaxes, the joke just may be on you. Take this quiz to learn why the merrymaking day came to be, how it's celebrated in different places and some of the best pranks of all time.

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First off, what's the holiday really called?
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What is the French term for "April Fools' Day"?
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So what's a <i>poisson</i>?
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Ancient Romans celebrated the holiday of Hilaria in late March. What was one of the fun things they did?
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What did the Scottish traditionally call April Fools' Day?
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The Belfast Zoo is flooded with calls on April 1, asking for whom?
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Where is the first concrete reference to an April Fools' joke being played?
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Indian culture celebrates Holi near April, as well. It's a day of general merriment and fun similar to April Fools' Day, but what also distinguishes it?
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What magazine had a famous April Fools' hoax cover story in 1985?
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Who pretended to buy the Liberty Bell as an April Fools' joke?
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What invention did Burger King claim on April 1, 1998?
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When did Google begin its tradition of April Fools' jokes?
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A 1998 satire piece by a physicist convinced some people that …
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Every year someone writes a detailed press release for a (nonexistent) April Fools' Day Parade in what city?
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National Public Radio published an April 1, piece online titled "Why Doesn't America Read Anymore?" What made it a joke?
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Who made April Fools' Day a national holiday in America?
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