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Is your electricity bill through the roof? And is the culprit your massive appliances, like your double oven, six-burner range and industrial-size fridge and freezer? Well, take our quiz and learn how to downsize your home appliances and save money.

Since 1950, by how much have American houses grown in size?

Since 1950, American houses have doubled in size, even though the household size has reached an historic low of 2.6 in 2006.


What washer and dryer is most efficient for a two-person household?

Stackable front loaders are best for two-person households, because they take up less room and use less water and energy than front loaders.


How tall is a drawer dishwasher?

A draw dishwasher will take twice as fast to fill as a regular dishwasher, and will take up far less space, being only 16 inches high.


What is a disadvantage of a drawer dishwasher?

Unfortunately, at this stage drawer dishwashers are twice the price of standard models.


How large is the freezer section of a mini fridge/freezer?

The frost free freezer section of a mini fridge/freezer combination is large enough to a tray of ice, a few stakes and a package of frozen vegetables.


How much energy does a microwave oven use?

A microwave oven uses 2/3 of the energy an oven. It also doesn't heat up the house like an oven and stove top do.


How can you tell if your pot will work on an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy to heat, so if your pot is magnetic, you know that it can be used.


At what price do compact printers start?

Compact printers start at $30. They take up less room, use less energy and are portable -- pretty big advantage over regular size printers!


How many cups of coffee does a small size coffeemaker make?

Small size, personal coffeemakers make about four cups of coffee. Unfortunately, at this stage they are about triple the price of standard coffee makers.


How many bottles does a free-standing wine cooler hold?

If you've lost your wine cellar when you downsized, you can use a free-standing, plug-in wine cooler to hold 12-18 bottles of wine.


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