Quiz: Apples to Apples Quiz
Apples to Apples Quiz
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Apple to Apples fans, this one's for you, and only you. Test your knowledge of your favorite party starter -- if you like, you can even make a game out of it!

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How many copies of Apples to Apples have been sold worldwide since its release in 1999?
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How many expansion packs have been released to supplement the original Red Apple and Green Apple cards from the "basic" set?
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How many total Red Apple Cards are included in the original Party Box edition?
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Which of the following is NOT a real Green Apple Card?
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True or False: Out of the Box Publishing released a "Crate Edition" of Apples to Apples that arrived in a replica of a real wooden apple box.
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Apples to Apples received the honor of being chosen as one of five "Mensa Select" games in 1999. Which of the following was NOT one of the other selections that year?
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Apples to Apples was named "Game of the Year" in 2000 by Games magazine. What game won that honor in 2010?
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What happens if you're the last player to submit a Red Apple Card in the Sour Apples to Apples edition of the game?
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True or False: Apples to Apples is the basis of a popular drinking game.
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A favorite of the serious Apples to Apples player is the run of Red Apple Cards starting with "My." Which of the following is NOT a real card?
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The creators of Apples to Apples seem to have a small obsession with thei high-school days. Which of the following is NOT a real card?
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Some Apples to Apples cards seem to invite matches of questionable taste. Which of the following is NOT a real card?
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True or False: There is an Apples to Apples Jewish Edition.
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Which of the following is NOT an official edition of Apples to Apples?
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True or False: It's against the official Apples to Apples rules to attempt to influence the judge's choice in any way.
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How many Red Apple Cards does each player receive at the begnning of the game?
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True or false: Out of the Box Publishing once printed a custom Apples to Apples card to help a man propose marriage?
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The original "basic" set from 1999 did NOT include which 90s icon?
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In the original edition of Apples to Apples, which is the only Red Apple Card to include a Shakespeare quote?
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In the latest party game from Out of the Box, Backseat Drawing, the points go to the first team that can do what?
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