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Boot Camp makes it possible for you to run both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows on Mac computers. Think you know how to navigate both systems at once? Lace up your (digital) combat boots and show your knowledge.

True or false: Boot Camp supports only one Mac OS X partition.

Boot Camp software supports one Mac OS X partition on your Mac's hard drive. Natively, it also supports a single Windows partition, though third party Web sites describe tricks for adding more without sacrificing Boot Camp functionality.


Boot Camp debuted as part of Mac OS X in which release?

A beta of Boot Camp was available for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), but it wasn't a fully supported utility until 10.5 (Leopard).


Which of these versions of Windows is not supported using any version of Boot Camp?

Boot Camp for Leopard and Snow Leopard supported only the 32-bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP.


Which versions of Windows are supported using Boot Camp in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

According to Lion documentation, Boot Camp for Lion supports Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions.


True or false: The default space that Boot Camp allocates for the Windows partition is designed to leave sufficient space for adding other Windows-based applications.

The default space is equal or only a little bit larger than Microsoft's minimum recommended hard drive space. Before deciding on a Windows partition size, you'll want to look at Windows' requirements, plus the requirements for any Windows-based software you plan to install.


How should you adjust the partition sizes for Mac OS X and Windows using Boot Camp?

The Boot Camp Assistant was designed to take care of creating the partitions you need for Boot Camp, including resizing an existing Mac OS partition to make room for the new Windows partition.


What name will Boot Camp give to the Windows partition it creates?

When you install Windows, you'll need to target the "BOOTCAMP" partition created by Boot Camp.


True or false: Windows support software for your Mac is available for about $20 from Microsoft.

Windows support software includes the drivers and utilities you need to run Windows on your Mac hardware. This software is available as a free download from Apple, and you can download it when you step through the Boot Camp Assistant wizard.


Which key can you press to select between Boot Camp partitions while your Mac powers up?

Press the Option key a few times during the blank white boot screen while your Mac powers up. Within a couple of seconds, the Mac will show you the Boot Camp paritions and prompt you to select which one to boot.


Which of these options lets you switch from Windows to Mac OS when using Boot Camp?

Click the Boot Camp icon in the Windows System Tray to reveal a pop-up menu. From there, you can choose to reboot to the Mac OS.


Which of these options lets you switch from Mac OS to Windows when using Boot Camp?

Open System Preferences on your Mac, select Startup Disk and select which of the partitions shown should be the primary disk the next time you boot. From there, you can also click to restart the Mac immediately and boot to your selected parition.


What partition size will Boot Camp attempt to assign to Windows before you make any adjustments?

Boot Camp automatically shows a 20 GB partition for Windows, even in Mac OS X Lion, which only supports Windows 7 using Boot Camp. Windows 7 requires 16 GB minimum for its 32-bit version and 20 GB minimum for its 64-bit version, making this Boot Camp default a bit too tight for most users' installs.


What is the minimum amount of available space Boot Camp will allow for Mac OS X when you adjust your partitions?

The Boot Camp Assistant will not let you move the slider beyond the point of having 8 GB of available space for the Mac OS X partition.


Which of these is not required for setting up Boot Camp in Mac OS X Lion?

Earlier versions of Boot Camp (for Leopard and Snow Leopard) offered the option of using the Mac OS X install disc as a source for the Windows support software. Lion recommends downloading the latest Windows support software and saving it to a blank CD, DVD or MS-DOS-formatted external storage device. After you install Windows, you can run the Windows installer for the support software from that disc or storage device.


Where can you find the Boot Camp Assistant used to set up Boot Camp?

The Boot Camp Assistant is a utility native to your Mac OS X since version 10.5 (Leopard).


True or false: Boot Camp also supports Linux partitions.

Boot Camp is limited to Mac OS X and Windows partitions. That said, you can install Linux on a Mac, even while keeping your Mac OS and Windows partitions. However, Linux installs use their own boot loaders, and they're not supported by Apple.


Where does your computer look to discover what partitions exist on your hard drive?

This may seem like a tricky question if you know how hard drives work. Your computer does look at the first sector of your hard drive before it discovers what's on that drive. However, it looks to the partition table to see what partitions exist. The partition table may or may not be part of the data stored in the first sector of the drive.


True or false: You do not need a separate Windows license when using Windows in Boot Camp.

You must purchase a licensed copy of Windows for use with Boot Camp. You can download Windows for free from Microsoft, but you'll receive constant warnings and limited updates while you're using your Windows Boot Camp partition until you purchase a license and enter that license code in Windows.


Which of these best describes Boot Camp's primary role?

The Windows supporting software for your Mac is a separate install, even though it includes the Boot Camp software running in your Windows System Tray. Creating partitions isn't Boot Camp's primary role, even though it can do so as part of the setup process. Boot Camp's primary role is to automate switching between Mac OS X and Windows after you complete its initial setup.


Which of the following major changes by Apple made it possible for users to run Windows on a Mac?

Microsoft Windows was designed to run on PCs with Intel and Intel-like processors that have the widely adopted x86 processor architecture.


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