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Primatologists have been studying ape culture and conservation for more than 30 years is and still have much to learn about our "cousins." Much laboratory research is done on chimpanzees, because their DNA is nearly identical to that of humans. Take this quiz to learn more about ape culture and conservation.

What group of mammals includes humans, apes and monkeys?

The name of this happy family is primates.


What other animal has nearly identical DNA to humans?

Scientific studies in the 1960s documented that chimpanzees have DNA nearly identical to humans.


What scientist studies primates?

Primatologists study primates.


Why is the future of apes in the wild uncertain?

Wild apes are at risk of disappearing because of deterioration of their habitat, illegal hunting and disease.


How many species of primates are there?

There are some 250 species of primates alive today.


How do scientists divide apes into categories?

Scientists have divided the five main types of apes into two categories, based mainly on their size.


What have scientists named the smaller size category of apes?

The smaller size category include the gibbons, and is known as the lesser apes.


After humans, what animal is the smartest?

The great apes are No. 2 two in the smarts category.


Which member of the great apes most resembles humans in their behavior, anatomy and way of life?

The chimpanzee most resembles humans.


When do chimpanzees reach sexual maturity?

Chimpanzees reach sexual maturity at about 11 years old.


What is the lifespan of a captive chimpanzee?

A captive chimpanzee can live to about 60 years old.


How do chimpanzees live?

Chimpanzees live in communities, and the males stay their whole life within the same community.


What do chimpanzees eat?

The majority of their diet is fruit, but chimpanzees do have a taste for the meat of other mammals.


What other ape looks like the chimpanzee?

The bonobo looks like the chimpanzee.


How do bonobos have similar sexual behavior as humans?

Bonobos are the only great ape that does not have sexual relations for reproduction only.


What is the largest primate?

The gorilla is the largest primate.


Are orangutans sociable?

Orangutans are solitary animals; males live totally alone and females live with their offspring only.


Who is the most famous primatologist?

Jane Goodall is the most famous primatologist.


Scientists in the 1980s discovered chimpanzees using tools to do what?

The chimpanzees were using stone tools to crack open nuts.


What is the greatest threat to wild ape populations today?

The destruction of the ape's natural habitat is the greatest threat.


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