Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Your Mental Age

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About This Quiz

Let's just forget how many candles you had on your last birthday cake. If you think about it, age is just a number, and your birth certificate is irrelevant during this quiz. Once you answer our yes or no questions, we are going to tell you the age you really act. Do you represent your age group well, or are you out there breaking all the rules? 

While we could ask you questions about the way you handle things or about the very fabric of your personality, we think it's more telling to get a straight yes or no response. Not only will it save you the embarrassment of actually admitting that you still watch Saturday morning cartoons in your underwear, but it will also tell us how you react to being put on the spot. Your reactions are a dead giveaway.

When you read the question, listen to the voice you hear inside your head. There are only two options, so there's no reason to get lost in your mind. Simply select the yes or the no button, and we'll do the calculating here in the office. After you've finished, our tally will tell us your exact mental age. You might want to sit down for the results!

Do you get extremely excited about the holiday season?

Are you always the designated driver for your friends?

Do you go out for sushi at least once a month?

Would you giggle about a number two joke?

Are you concerned with the signs of aging?

Would your friends say you are the life of the party?

Do you work out at least three times a week?

Would you enjoy going back to school?

Do you read a lot of fashion magazines?

Are you the parent figure in your friend group?

Would you boss describe you as reliable?

Do you watch more comedies than any other type of movie?

Are you already planning your retirement?

Have you ever been described as a free spirit?

Do you pay attention to modern politics?

Are you a fan of pour over style coffee?

Would you consider yourself a night owl?

Have you been to a concert in the last year?

Are you an extravagant gift giver?

Do you plan your weekly meals ahead of time?

Do you do a lot of online shopping?

Have you ever tried a dating app?

Would you consider yourself a risk taker?

You've just won a solo trip around the world - would you go?

Are you an expert with technology?

Do you know how to knit or crochet?

Could you sing a Katy Perry song from memory at karaoke?

Are you certain you know what "on fleek" means?

Do you have more than one tattoo?

Are you late for work more than once a week?

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