Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Your Favorite NBA Team!

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About This Quiz

Do you spend hours on end scrolling through Twitter? Do you find yourself more excited for March Madness than you do for Christmas, your birthday or even a date night with your gal/guy? Your all-consuming, never-ending love of sports likely came from a family member who went before you. Maybe your dad was a huge Lakers fan, or maybe your grandpa never (and we mean never) missed the Cleveland Cavaliers play. 

Or maybe, it is just an innate desire to stand so close to the television screen that your eyes begin to burn, to scream so loudly at a game that your vocal cords are shot the very next morning, and to get into heated arguments with your  best friend about who the best player of all time is. Is it LeBron? What about Michael? Is Kobe even in the running, anymore? 

It is up to you to decide and to defend the honor of your beloved team. Because you never know when your team will rise to the top or crash and burn ... Will you still be a die-hard fan? Answer these yes or no questions for us, and we will guess which NBA team your heart beats for at the end of the day. 

Are you from the west coast?

Have you ever had calamari?

Are you the type to use "sir" and "ma'am?"

Would you consider yourself a patient person?

Is going to church your thing?

Is your ideal vacation on a beach somewhere?

Country music ... are you a fan?

Did you grow up playing basketball for an organized team?

Growing up, did you watch NBA games with your dad?

Is your place the go-to spot to watch games?

Someone sets a beer out in front of you before a big game. Do you drink it?

Is your favorite holiday 4th of July?

Are you a fan of winter?

Is black coffee your thing?

Would you guzzle down blue Gatorade over all the other flavors?

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. Agreed?

We're dying to know. Team Kardashian or not?

If offered $100, would you ride the world's tallest roller coaster?

Would you prefer to live in a place with mountains?

Drinking out of a water bottle tastes the best. Yay or nay?

Would you consider yourself to have anger issues?

Are you a dog mom/dad?

Is basketball your favorite sport?

Are you single?

Think about this carefully ... Could you give up fast food for an entire year?

Do you have a television in both your living room and your bedroom?

You're a truck kind of gal/guy, aren't you?

Are you close with your mother?

Have you been out of the country more than once?

Are you a night owl?

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