Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess What High School Stereotype You Are

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About This Quiz

Whether you have been out of school for decades or for a year, this yes or no quiz will take you back to the halls of your high school years. Like we said, you don't need to raise your hand to answer. And you nerds can keep the lengthy responses to yourself. By simply telling us yes or no, we'll know exactly which high school stereotype you will forever be at heart. 

As we aim for the touchdown on this quiz, we will need to know a little about you and a whole lot about your high school experience. You might not have topped the cheerleader pyramid, but you certain did have your own adolescent adventure. Every yes or no answer you give us will help us see who you were back then and who you will forever be inside. 

Our quiz might take you back, but it won't be as painful as going to your high school reunion. You won't need to rent a tux or struggle with your strapless prom dress. All you need to do is simply state yes or select no, and we will be able to take it from there. Now, it's up to you! 

Did you spend time in detention during high school?

Did you ever sneak out of your bedroom window?

Did you lose your virginity in high school?

Are you still in touch with your best friend from high school?

Did your grades earn you a spot on the honor roll?

Did you earn a varsity letter in any sport?

Have you ever participated in a food fight?

Were you a member of the high school chess club?

Did you go to college after high school?

Did you hang out under the bleachers a lot?

Were you ever sent to a summer camp?

Were you a member of the high school marching band?

Have you ever owned a Trapper Keeper?

Did you skip a lot of classes?

Did you share a locker with someone else?

Did you dread going to high school gym class?

Did you spend a lot of time studying?

Would you enjoy going back to high school?

Do you currently like to hang out at the mall?

Do you know the words to your school's fight song?

Did you ever pack your own lunch?

Did you have a crush on any of your teachers?

Have you attended any of your high school reunions?

Were you ever a member of the prom court?

Do you go back and look at your high school yearbooks?

Would you send your children to your high school?

Did you ride the bus to school?

Would you say Chemistry was your best class?

Do you regret the hairstyle you had in high school?

Would you make a great high school teacher?

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