Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess if You're Under 5 Foot 7

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Whether you are always on your tippy toes or ducking under doorjambs, unusual heights can be pretty challenging to deal with. As a very tall person, you are just trying to get through your day without hitting your head on the car roof or stairwell. As a short person, you are hoping no one puts your favorite mug up on the top shelf or uses your head to lean on. 

When you have an unusual height, people love making jokes at your expense! Whether they call you "Stretch" as you shake their hand or they belittle you as adorable and cute, you have to deal with a whole script of unoriginal teasing with your close friends and complete strangers.  

However, being of average height, right around 5'7'', is really nice. Counters are the right height for cooking, your pants are always at the right length when you try them on, and your friends never pick on you for your height. Even your sleeve lengths are fairly easy to find. There are so many ways going unnoticed that your average height is perfect for everyday life. 

The world is designed for 5'7'' people! Can we guess if you are taller or shorter than this height?

Are you usually the first person to know it is raining?

Are you used to climbing on countertops?

Do people frequently come to you for comfort?

Do you like wearing long sleeve T-shirts?

Do you know how to hem pants?

Do you wear crew cut socks frequently?

Do you carry sunglasses with you at all times?

Do you prefer new homes to older homes?

Do you drive a pick-up truck?

Do you enjoy playing soccer?

Do you prefer partner dancing to solo dancing?

Do you wish you had a larger bed?

When a light bulb goes out, are you the one who changes it?

Do you prefer mini-cupcakes to normal cupcakes?

Do you love wearing novelty socks?

Are you happy with how much you earn at work?

Is your mom really short?

Is your father really tall?

Did you drink coffee before the age of 16?

Are you naturally clumsy?

Do your friends ever come to you for career advice?

Do you drink more than three glasses of water a day?

Would you adopt a tiny dog?

Does horseback riding sound like a good way to spend an afternoon?

Do you have to order pants online?

Do you own more than one step stools?

Do you wear a ball cap or sun hat in the summer?

Is your phone screen cracked?

Do you usually hold the umbrella?

Do you enjoy sleeping in the same bed with another person?

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