Answer These Tricky Questions and We'll Guess Your IQ

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About This Quiz

While not all of us can be a genius, your IQ is probably closer than you think. After you answer a series of clever and tricky questions, we'll be able to guess your IQ with frightening accuracy. Try your best to choose the correct response, and we'll tell you where we would place you on the IQ scale. 

As we challenge your brain power during this quiz, will we ask you a variety of questions designed to keep you on your toes. Every response you give us will be tallied, and we will score you on the number of sensible answers you gave us. There might be many ways to answer the same questions, but each answer will work with the others to give you a total IQ score. It's not so much about being right or wrong as it is about letting us get to know the way you think. 

After you have satisfied any lingering questions we may have, we are certain your IQ will be fairly obvious to us. We will know many, many other things about you by the time you've finished. Luckily for you, we are only interested in your brain power and your IQ score!

Peter's mom has two daughters named Maria and Lynn. What is her third child's name?

Which word is the opposite of smart?

If Lucy has 6 oranges and she eats 2 and gives 1 away, how many does she have left?

Solve for x: 2(x) + 5 = 21

Which animal is an apex predator?

Fill in the blank: You are so optimistic and ______.

Which number is divisible by 3?

If a pizza has 8 slices, how many slices did you eat if you at 1/4 of the entire pizza?

You agree to pay 40% of a $67.48 food bill. How much are you paying?

Linda sprints past the person in third place right before she finishes the race. What place does Linda win?

What is the boiling point of water?

If your van seat 7 and you have 23 passengers, how many trips do you need to take?

As it dries, what becomes more saturated?

Which thing cannot walk, but can fall?

How much mud is in a hole the size of Florida?

Which month has 28 days?

Does a pound of packing peanuts or a pound of lead weigh more?

If you make something but you can't see it, what is it?

What is yours, but more people use it than you do?

Which item has teeth, but has no mouth?

Where would you land if you jumped out of a 100 foot tall tree?

Which thing climbs but never descends?

Did the chicken or the egg come first?

Why should you always drink water?

Which item has a lot of letters in it?

Where was the Constitution signed?

What stays in the same place, but also goes up and down?

Where would you bury an alive coyote?

A rooster laid an egg on top of a staircase. Did it roll down the stairs?

If there are 12 candles on a table and you take 3, how many do you have?

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