Answer These Totally Random Questions and We’ll Guess Which Country You Live In

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The best count of nations in the world, meaning the least disputed, based on the recognized nations by the UN, is 196. This includes places granted observer status by the UN, but not "member" status, meaning they do not vote. That number means 196 distinct cultures, many with their own languages or dialects, primary industries, local climates, flora, fauna and indigenous peoples.

World travel is an eye-opening experience. It exposes us to history we were unaware of, peoples so different from us and yet so similar, the contrasts of nations with high corruption and high poverty with nations with low corruption and low poverty. Exposure to the world makes us both more worldly and more appreciative of where we come from.

There are obvious ways of determining where someone is from. One could use one's accent to try to determine where one comes from. One could look at the person's favorite foods, the names of the teams they root for, or the opinions they have on global politics. Any of these would be far too easy. We have come up with a new test, unlike any seen before, guaranteed to pin down which of the 196 countries in the world you are from, and we will do it not with specific questions, but with random ones. Let's see if we can get it right.

How many pets do you currently own?

How often do you floss?

How strongly do you agree or disagree with the statement "I can't stand the sound of other people eating"?

Which of the following vices do you frown on the most?

What kind of music do you listen to the most?

How old were you when you got internet access?

How close is too close for a neighbor's house?

How many of your relatives have experienced serious financial problems?

What wild animal do you remember best from your childhood?

What kind of smartphone do you have?

What do you like to do in the big outdoors?

How educated are you?

Which Middle Eastern food do you like the best?

How many countries have you traveled to?

What geopolitical issue do you follow most closely?

What kind of live entertainment do you like the most?

What style of shoe do you prefer to wear?

When is your favorite time of year?

How do you take notes?

What's your creative outlet?

We all have to worry about our health. How do you like to keep fit?

Which of these brands do you trust the most?

How do you get your news?

How optimistic are you about the future?

How do you prefer to travel, when you are traveling for leisure?

How long would you wait for an elevator before switching to the stairs?

Which American sport do you follow?

What flavor do you like the most, when it comes time for dessert?

How do you keep in touch with your friends and family?

How long has it been since you were last in your country of origin?

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