Answer These Tarot Reading Questions and We'll Guess How Old Your Soul Is

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About This Quiz

If you believe in the truth of tarot cards, then this psychic quiz is the perfect fit for you! We're going to explore the depths of your inner soul and personality, and all you have to do is tell us about some of the good (and not so great) aspects of your life.

If you're new to the wonderful world of tarot card readings, let us help you out a bit. The sessions are usually one-on-one between you and a tarot card reader. You'll ask them some questions about your life, which include things that are bothering you, where you could grow as a person and whether or not you'll find love in your life. These questions could be open-ended, but it's always best to ask specific questions about certain areas of your life. The tarot card reader will then use this type of insight to "read" your fortune via tarot cards.

Each tarot card has an image on it; some of these are simple and straightforward, but others are much more abstract. And each of these images and symbols represents certain aspects of your personality, as well as who you'll become in the future. So if you want to know more about these types of readings and how they represent the age of your soul, take our lucky quiz now!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Do you think that you're the biggest obstacle in your life?

Do you feel more good luck or bad luck in your future?

Which of these tarot card animals resonates with your soul the most?

We're certain that you have many strengths in life, but which of these is your biggest strength?

You notice that your path in life has led you to a crossroads. On the left is a forest and on the right is a town. Which way do you go?

Which of these celestial bodies lies within your inner soul?

When making a decision, do you pay more attention to the pros or the cons?

Is it better to have a successful relationship or a successful career?

Have you found the meaning or purpose to your life yet?

There are two cards with symbols on them in front of you. One is a boat and the other is a bridge. Which will you choose?

What area of your life needs the most improvement right now?

Which of these types of court resonates with your soul the most?

Which of these words captures who you really are on the inside?

Are you seeking more answers from your past or future?

Are you content with the number of friends in your social circle?

Can you easily overcome hardships in your life?

Do you often overthink your actions and thoughts when making a decision?

Which of these emotions describes who you really are at social gatherings?

Have you ever predicted something that turned out to be correct?

How often do you experience major changes in your life?

What season of the year makes you feel energetic and lively?

Would you rather have the ability to read the minds of animals or people?

Do you personally believe in horoscopes or are these full of lies?

Your inner soul is made up of one of these crystals, but which one is it?

Close your eyes and allow your instincts to guide you to one of these elements. Which one is it?

Which of these constellations does your soul resonate with at night?

For the most accurate tarot card reading, it's wise for you to choose a tarot deck carefully! Which of these do you pick?

Is it better to solve a problem on your own or with the help of some friends?

What do you tend to listen to the most in life — your head, your heart or your instincts?

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