Answer These Relationship Questions and We'll Give You Your Spirit Animal

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About This Quiz

A relationship is a fun way to share love, loyalty and laughter with a person you admire. But not all relationships are sprinkles and fun, because the real secret to a great relationship is communication and hard work. The phrase "hard work" may mean different things to people, as it can even be as simple as listening to your significant other's problems. Other ways to show effort in a relationship includes making handmade gifts, cooking meals, consistently saying "I love you" and creating an element of surprise.

What do we mean by an element of surprise? It all comes down to the idea of spontaneity, as this keeps a relationship new, fresh and alive. The "spark" in a relationship may eventually start to dwindle, and it's the job of both you and your significant other to keep that spark alive for as long as you continue to love each other. 

And that's what this quiz is all about, since we're going to figure out how you would keep the spark alive in a relationship! This will give us more insight into who you really are as a person, which will point directly to the spirit animal that guides you through your love life!

How long has your longest relationship lasted?

What makes you feel attracted to another person?

Do you feel like you need a special someone in your life to be happy?

If you were living with the love of your life, who would do the cooking?

What is the best part about being in a relationship with someone?

If your heart was a type of flavor, what would it be?

Which holiday represents "love" to you the most?

Would you ever lie in a relationship?

What is the best gift that you can give the person you love?

If your love life was a movie, which one would it be?

How would you take your mind off of a bad breakup?

Do you tend to become jealous in a relationship?

Would you ever talk badly about the person you love behind their back?

Do you believe in the idea of "settling down?"

Where would you want to live with the love of your life?

Do you often daydream about your ideal wedding?

Would you want to date someone who is very emotional?

Would you break up with the love of your life for $1,000,000?

If love was a blooming flower, which one would it be?

How often would you say "I love you" to the one you love?

Which of these colors represents your heart the best?

Where is the best location to have a first kiss with someone?

Which of these words describes the feeling of love the best?

What would you do if your significant other starts crying during a movie?

Should a relationship be like an adventure?

Where is the best place to find a potential significant other?

What is the best way to break up with someone?

Is there anything that you want to change about yourself?

Can you spot a liar or a cheater?

Do you believe in staying friends with an ex?

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