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Tarot cards originated as early as the mid-15th century, when they were used across Europe represented by the likes of French tarot, Italian tarocchini and Austrian Königrufen. By the 18th century, fortune tellers used the cards for divination purposes. With divine wisdom and a few flips of the cards, one could learn about anything from their luck in love to the fate of their crops.

The first recorded fortune tellers to utilize tarot cards in their practice were French citizens Jean-Baptiste Alliette in 1783 and Mlle Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand in 1776. Lenormand was particularly successful, serving as a cartomancer for elite individuals like Napoleon and Empress Josephine. (One has to imagine that Lenormand pulled Strength, Devil and Suit of Sword cards for Napoleon again and again.) 

While many occult writers trace these traditions all the way back to Kabbalah and ancient Egypt, the supposition lacks the concrete historical documents to back it up. Of course, if you want to know the real truth about tarot's origins, you just might have to ask the cards. 

To find out what's in your cards, all you have to do is answer the following random questions. Afterward, you'll receive a scarily accurate tarot reading that will guide you through the weeks and months ahead. 

Sorry, but it's time to change careers. You're going to become a full-time Instagram influencer. What type will you be?

Time to head to the movie theater! Which type of film do you want to see?

Everyone knows the snacks at the movie theater are overpriced. What would you like to sneak in instead?

Whether you sound like Mariah Carey or a disgruntled cat, singing is a great way to let loose and have some fun. Where is your favorite place to belt out some tunes?

We need your input on a fundamental question of our time. Which famous Chris is the best Chris?

Ooh, there's a big box of donuts waiting for you on your desk. What kind do you hope is inside?

Ah, and there's your go-to coffee choice waiting for you, too! What is it?

It's healthy to pat yourself on the back now and then. So, what are you proud of?

"So tell me what you want, you really really want." Which member of the Spice Girls are you, really?

You can only eat one type of fruit for the rest of your life. What will you pick?

You want to wear something amazing for a star-studded affair. What's the most important element of your getup?

The parties in teen movies sometimes appear way more fun and glamorous than they are in real life, but they can otherwise be quite relatable. So, which high school movie do you most identify with?

Time to show the world what you've got. So, which reality show competition would you like to compete in?

Deep down, there's an Elton John song playing inside everyone's soul. Which one represents the true you?

You have to dye your hair. I'm afraid you have no choice. What color will you choose?

Each person plays an important role in their social circle. What would your friends most likely dub you?

Have you heard? The Jonas Brothers are back together. Speaking of these pop stars, which one would you most like to accompany you on a weekend trip to Paris?

Imagine that your phone is ringing. It's an unknown caller. Do you answer it?

This is so exciting. You get to have coffee with a Nobel Prize winner (living or dead)! Who will it be?

It's hard not to be nostalgic about the past. Which '90s band do you wish was still together?

Wow. You've just been offered a lead in a top Broadway play! Which one do you hope it is?

Like it or not, you're going to pack up your belongings and move. Where will you go?

Unfortunately, you're going to be afflicted with one of these behaviors for the rest of your life. Which one will you pick?

Everyone has problems. How would you characterize the ones on your plate right now?

You've just entered a fantastical land. Which magical creature would you like to lead you on your journey in this strange new world?

Now that you're in a magical land, you need magical powers. What kind do you want?

A top designer is going to dress you for an upcoming gala! Who do you hope it is?

Some foods are just better pickled. What type of pickled food do you like best?

OK, it's time to pick a card, any card. What will it be?

Let's take a moment to evaluate your emotional state right now. How are you feeling?

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